Fleet Uniform Design Thread

So as was stated originally, the votes didn't really matter as I was reserving the right to have final say in which uniform was selected. However, it was at least nice to see that a rough majority had the same opinion as me, so without dragging this out any further, the winning design is~






pending review

Sierra 3

Pants - Loose, Long (skirts optional for the ladies)


Upper: Antares 2 Colour Configuration: 1 Colours: I16 A8 A8 I1

Lower Category: Uniform - Pants - Loose Knee High
Lower: Panels and Pockets Colours: I16 A7 A7 A9

Actually, forget the contest, I think we`ll just go with this one.
Is the weight gain and beard also required? Note, I have no problem with the eyepatch.
I refuse to wear that...thing.

Top: Sierra 4, glossy, (G24,G24, div color, H3)
Bottom: Loose, Long, Standard (G24)
Hope I get internet in time to throw an idea up
Remember back in the day when Skyler was CUTE!?


Yeah, so. Here.



Jacket: I2, A4, I15
Pants: I2
My submission for the fleet uniform, an official white base using Sierra Uniform stock.

Traise is modeling the male version, where white or black gloves and boots are purely optional, colors can change depending on branch departments. Sierra is wearing the female version for tactical department location. Note the contrast making the uniform itself pop as well as the matching to our official Task Force Badge of Operations.

It also includes an option for a matching skirt for female members, which will no doubt lead to the fun RP of legal battles and harassment charges after our illustrious leader makes mini-skirts official fleet uniform for female staff. "I'll follow you the rest of my life, sir."


Upper Body
Upper: Sierra 2 = I16, A/C/D/F10, H2, (Final Discretionary)
Material Glossy,
Lower Body
Category Uniform - Pants - Loose Long
Belt: None
Lower: Standard = H2
Skirt Option
Category Uniform - Skirt
Belt: None
Lower: Sierra Skirt 2= H2, A/C/D/F10, I16
Material: Glossy
Bare Legs: Stockings
(Suggested Boots for Females)
Feet: Antares = I16, A/C/D/F10, H2,

*Also, there is an option for razor to show off his fuzzy sweater chest.
My submission, as modeled by Oliver, a random engineering officer, and my Chief Medical Officer. I tried to keep it simple, stick to the general 'two-colour' rule that all of the NPC uniform variants follow, ya' know. I also tried to make it feel a bit more military-ish.
The Following uniforms feature two variants:

1) Normal Duty, featuring Division colors

2) Ceremonial for special occasions...this would allow for Captains to wear medals or any other decorations of honor








These are normal duty obviously


A1, I1, I1, A1 (Tactical)

C4 I1, I1, C4 (Engineering)

E3 I1, I1, E3 (Science)

Sierra 3

Glossy(but not required)

Pants - Loose, Long(Knee high also looks great...Sierra 1 or 2 skirts are pretty cool too)

Belt - optional

Boots - Bulky High(anything but soft boots is fine

Gloves - Optional



Same exact thing except Colors are: I16, I1, I1, I16

Decorational badges are encouraged but optional.
Polls are now open. Voting concludes in one week's time.

*Casts vote and gives an evil glare to anyone who doesn't vote* ;-)
I know the polls are already closed but I had a question about the uniform designs. Are you planning for the division colors to be part of the uniform? I guess this is something I have always been confused about from TNG. I thought red was for command and not just tactical. Just a thought.
Thank you to everyone who submitted their designs. The winner has been chosen! New fleet uniform design will go into effect in the new year.
Congrats to the winner!
Congrats, Areyis! :d And thank you to everyone who participated!

To answer your question Fabian- yes, red can be for command, not just tactical, so people can pick whether to follow the division colours or just go with the red! :3
Is it just me or are the colours SUPER dark?
It's not just you! :d It matches my souuuuuuuul.
... I still just find it mind-boggling that Sierra 3 was what I was using while leveling, before joining TFA. >_>;
Congrats to Areyis

And Skylar, that is deep...and slightly disturbing ;-)