Fleet Vessel Organization

Security Level 1 - Open

TO 38th/Commanding Officers
CC 38th/Command

SUBJ Fleet Vessel Organization


This is a notice intended to update all commanding officers on the changes to how ships are organized within this command. Effective immediately all squadrons are being disbanded. Ship Commanders will report directly to Rear Admiral Dmitri Konieczko. Any questions on these changes should be directed to him. In an effort to reduce the amount of initial questions I will offer the following:

Captains are free to engage in patrols within our area of responsibility. Vessels patrolling near the Azedi border are subject to the following general orders.

  • All ships must remain at least 100 kilometers from the marked border during normal operations.
  • A contact report should be sent immediately upon encountering an Azedi or Junayd vessel. If possible, withdraw and await reinforcements. Do not fire unless fired upon.
  • Civilians should be discouraged from crossing the border, however do not escalate if the vessel(s) crosses regardless.
  • Civilian lives are paramount and every effort should be made to protect them in the event that intervention is required.

Aries' former patrol area is also a point of interest. Ships patrolling the Aldebaran and Ba'aja sectors should remain vigilant for pirate activity while patrolling systems and trade routes. Due to increased threats in these sectors patrols of two or more vessels are authorized. Ships patrolling the Kelterre and Doza sectors need to be aware of the various factions that represent the make-up of these sectors. Not all territory in this area is under federation control, however anti-piracy and trade route patrol missions are still authorized. Respect local species territorial sovereignty.

Command of starships in the vicinity of Deep Space 13 is now officially relegated away from Starbase Command and transferred to Fleet Command. In the event that no admiral is able to command that responsibly will be passed to the most senior captain in the area, who is expected to coordinate with Starbase Command in the event of an emergency. While shore leave is permitted starships must retain enough crew to sortie in the event starbase shields are activated without warning.

In the event a more focused force is needed Command may designate temporary task forces. This will be done either upon recommendation from a deployed vessel indicating the need for additional vessels or directly from Command due to specific mission requirements. The commander of these task forces will be appointed by Command during formation.

Vessels currently deployed do not need to alter their deployments.

Vice Admiral Enzian Amiri
Commanding Officer, 38th Fleet