From the Administrator of the Vulcan Autonomous Zone


Despite the recent change of political direction in Detak, the situation in al'Loviva's Vulcan Autonomous Zone goes unaltered. The Treaty of 2308 established the VAZ in the province of al'Loviva to allow Vulcan Offworlders to pilgrim to the Syrrannite monastery in peace, conduct business affairs and construct and maintain an embassy for the Vulcan Confederacy within the Eledri system. It stands apart from any treaties or agreements established between Eledri Prime and the United Federation of Planets. It grants special rights and protections, including autonomy from the planetary government, currently known as the Eledri Legacy. The language included in the Treaty of 2308 allows the Administrator of the VAZ to determine policies within the zone, without direct oversight from the planetary governments of Eledri Prime or Vulcan. This treaty has been law for one-hundred and eight years' time.

In accordance with the terms of the Treaty of 2308, and with the authority of my office as the Administrator of the al'Loviva Vulcan Autonomous Zone, I hereby declare that the VAZ will observe the Vulcan tradition of Rau-nol besu, or the refuge of the traveler. It is the duty of all Vulcans living within the VAZ to open up your homes to any travelers who seek refuge from dangerous conditions along their journeys. Rau-nol besu will be observed until this office determines the dangerous conditions have ended. It is logical to uphold the long standing, closely held traditions of a culture, even in the midsts of the tumult of changing political tides, or the questionable rulings of any court.

As Administrator of the VAZ, I am declaring al'Loviva will serve as sanctuary, in accordance with the Treaty of 2308 and Vulcan traditions that far out date that legal agreement.

Live long and prosper,


T'lok of al'Loviva
Administrator of the Vulcan Autonomous Zone of al'Loviva