Full Circle

June 1st, 2415

Commander Nimitz sat in his ready room as he watched the stars streak across the window as the Star Knight made her way back to Earth, dressed in the standard Starfleet Uniform as opposed to his usual ZEF uniform. In the background the current broadcast of FNN played. For the most part, Nimitz half listened to it, until the last story.

"And to end tonight's broadcast, Starfleet Headquarters made a startling announcement just hours ago. After five years, the Klingon Empire has finally been granted the right to extradite and put on trail former Starfleet Admiral, Mark Qi.

Rear Admiral Mark Qi was commanding officer of the Task Force 21, AKA Blackjack Squadron. Blackjack Squadron was part of the southern Starfleet border patrols when Admiral Qi issued orders to enter Klingon Space and blockade The Kaas system. The Blockade ended when Qi ordered his Flag Captain, Captain Mallory Karro to bombard the colony.

Mallory Karro was arrested on the belief that she had acted on her own will, and put on trial for war crimes that lead to the death of almost a million Empire Civilians. While maintaining she was forced to, at the time, there was little evidence to support her claim. Thanks to the work of Federation Security, Karro’s story was later proven. Mallory Karro was given a reduced sentence and will be in prison for eight more years, Mark Qi was changed with abuse of power, blackmailing, and war crimes. Qi was dishonorably discharged and was sentenced to life under Federation Laws.

The Klingons are expected to be receiving Qi by Wednesday this week, a rumor also suggests that Commander Nimitz, Commanding Officer of the USS Star Knight, will be also attending the trail on Qo'noS. We'll update this story as we find out more.

Thank you for watching, this is John Forman, and we'll be back tomorrow night."

Nimitz blinked as the broadcast ended, before he could do anything else, his personal Comm beeped, and he was greeted with the face of Vice Admiral Oswald Cain.

"Admiral." Nimitz arched a brow. "I don't suppose you are calling about the latest FNN broadcast?"

"In a fact, yes, I am. That story wasn't supposed to be released until after I told you in person." Cain shifted in his chair. "The so called rumor is true, we are sending you to Qo'noS with Qi. On Tuesday, you will escort Qi on board the USS Archer and head to the Qo'noS system. There, you will be serving as our representative, and as a key witness." Cain reached off the the side. "Oh.. and Commander, I still want to see you in my office tomorrow."

"Understood Sir." Nimitz leaded back in his chair once Cain hung up and looked down to his faithful pet Tardis "So much for a vacation..”

June 2nd, 2415, 0700, Starfleet Headquarters

Commander Nimitz waited in the lobby as Admiral Cain dealt with the fallout of last night’s broadcast by FNN, since Nimitz’s arrival on Earth, he had been confronted by several reporters asking for comments on his connection to the upcoming trial on Qo'noS. After waiting for twenty minutes, the Admiral finally called him in.

“Alistair, I have to say, You’ve been doing some fine work out in Zenas with the Star Knight, there was some debate if you were ready, but I can see now that it was a good choice to put you there.”

Nimitz nodded as he stood at attention. “Thank you sir, she is a fine ship and a fine crew.”

“Indeed.. Please Commander, take a seat, I must say those white shoulders are looking very white.”

“Yes… I just replicated it yesterday, the 11th Fleet uses their own style of uniform.”

“Indeed.. Still, it looks good on you. So, getting to the point Commander, as I told you last night, you will be escorting Admiral Qi to Qo’noS for him to stand trial for the murder of over one million Klingon civilians. You are also there to serve as a key witness as well as give testimony as his arresting officer. Knowing how the Klingon Justice system works, we are expecting a fairly quick trial and then you will be back on Risa with the rest of your Task Force.”

Nimitz nodded “Thank you sir.”

“One last thing Commander.” The Admiral reached into his desk and pulled out a small box and set it right in front of Nimitz. “You were scheduled to be officially promoted in nine days on Risa. However since you will still be on Qo’noS, I am expediting your promotion. Congratulations Captain Nimitz.” The Admiral smiled to himself as he had never seen a look of shock on the face of a Romulan before.