Galactic Conquest - New RP/PvP Oriented Event

Space, the final frontier, the place where so many conflicts brew, and friends and enemies are thrown into bitter combat, and wars rage across the galaxy. Navies from numerous factions prowl the stars in search of glory, conquest, or just trying to make their way in a turbulent time. This is the situation we find in the year 2409.

I know it's a bit closer to a Star Wars scroll by, but in many ways, the situation in Star Trek is as dire as anything in Star Wars, and there are more than two factions involved. We discussed the idea I'm about to explain a couple years back, but it never really got off the ground, but it's quite likely that the current make-up of the fleet would be well-adjusted to this event. So, without further ado, I present to you, "Galactic Conquest."
Spoiler: The Current State of AffairsShow

Galactic Conquest Rules

Each sector on the galaxy map is open for invasion, and each sector provides resources to maintain the security
of the territory. Each faction begins with a set territory, and starting conditions within their territory, and then the game becomes more fluid.

There are three potential phases to a match when a system is fully under a faction's control.

1) Breach the System Defences - The attacking force must win a space victory here to move on to step 2. Victory
for the defenders routs the invading force, and ends the push for this round.
2) Planetary Blockade - A battle is fought for control of the skies above the planets within the system. Victory for the defenders means they can launch a counter-offensive to re-establish the system's outer defences.
3) Planetary Invasion/Re-establish Outer Defences - If the attackers have been successful to this point, they may push the invasion and attempt to take the planet. A ground victory means the system changes factions. If the defenders have succeeded in step two, then this stage is a final space battle to try and remove the attackers from the system. Failure means the system is contested, and a percentage of supplies shipped from this system will be lost to raids from the invading faction.

The battle progression can be understood by thinking of the following flow charts, which show the battle as a tug of war over the system.

Attackers: 1 > 2 > 3
Defenders: 3 > 2 > 1

Special Conditions:

Contested - The space in a system is plagued by raiding parties, and trade is hindered by 50%. Invaders can skip step 1 if they press the attack on this system.

Blockaded - There is a successful blockade around the major planets within the system. Trade cannot occur, and supplies cannot go to or from the blockaded world. If a blockade causes a planet's resources to diminish too far, then the population may rebel against the current controlling faction, and it will default to the invaders.

Rebellion - A population may rebel against their controlling faction. If this occurs while the controlling faction has control of the space around the planet, then the invaders can take the system without a planetary
invasion. If this occurs while invaders have a blockade in place, the system falls to the invaders.


Each system provides resources in the form of energy credits, and the credits must then be spent on specific supplies that are used in the taking and defending of a system. Capital systems provide 1000 credits each, while all others provide 500; this is on a weekly basis. Resource costs are those listen in the in-game browser.

To make a stage 1 attack costs 1 astrometric probe, and 1 communications array. (900 credits).
To make a stage 2 attack costs 1 shield generator and 1 warp coil (1350 credits).
To make a stage 3 attack costs 5 medical supplies, and 5 provisions (1500 credits).
This makes a total cost of 3750 for a full invasion.

For the defenders to press the attack if they win a stage 2 battle the cost is 1 astrometric probe, and 1 communications array. (900 credits).
Likewise, to go on the offensive after winning a stage 3 battle, the cost is 1 shield generator and 1 warp coil (1350 credits)

To successfully rebuild a planet after an invasion will cost 1 terraforming system, 1 weather control system, 1 water purification system, 1 shield generator, 5 medical supplies, and 5 provisions. (5050 credits) (A total of 8800 credits if the planet is taken and repaired in one round) A planet that is not repaired after an invasion will begin at -10 allegiance, and may simply rebel against the ones who invaded/liberated them if they are unhappy about the new state of affairs. If the planet is repaired the planet will have 0 allegiance, and gain 1 for each week of stable living with proper provisions.

Provisions - Each system has a steady supply of provisions, allowing them to maintain a total of 2 units of provisions. Being contested reduces a system's provision recovery by half. Meaning they only recover 1 provision every other week. This means that when a system is contested, the populace feels it, and may begin to become unruly if it goes on too long, or if provisions aren't supplied by the faction out of pocket. (Blockade runner RP anyone?) If provisions reach zero, then each week the system will lose 1 allegiance point. So a system with 2 weeks provisions that becomes contested will have steady provisions for 4 weeks, and then every other week after that. For each week without provisions, the system will lose 1 allegiance.

Allegiance - Allegiance is a number from -10 to 10, with 10 being loyal, and -10 being on the brink of rebellion. Each week that a system's allegiance is less than 0, there will be a d20 roll to see if rebellion breaks out. The chance for rebellion is the result of the dice roll plus the Allegiance score. The first week, a 1 would be required. The second week a 1-2, and so on. At -10, there is a 50% chance of rebellion every week. A diplomatic RP mission can be dispatched to improve these odds. Likewise, the controlling faction can attempt to prevent the rebellion through diplomacy (or force) as well.

Obviously, the system is meant to be costly if a side is constantly on the offensive, and prohibitive if the side loses too much territory for too long.
With the rules posted, I'd like to get an idea of how many are interested. I tried to make the system as user-friendly as possible, and the task of keeping track of resources is really just a matter of following a spreadsheet to the end, and using the calculation functions, or spending a few minutes with a calculator. More specifics in terms of application of the system can be worked out later, but for now, I just want to gauge interest, so please post if you are interested or have questions.
Would this be fleet canon?
I'm interested, but I know I would screw it up..
It would be considered canon, yes. The idea behind it is to give a constant driving force and something to talk about relating to the ongoing war(s). It would incorporate all playable factions, and there could be some foundry missions to add in special events and NPCs. For example, there could be a klingon invasion in the Xarantine sector, where they have blockaded the sector, and refugees bring reports that conditions are horrid, due to the ongoing siege. There would be room for some kind of quartermaster position to help with "allocation of materials" and the like, as well as general involvement of potential freighter traffic, diplomatic corrispondence, and tactical scenarios. The emphasis is RP first, PvP second (I enjoy PvP the most as a product/important factor in RP, not for the deathmatch scenario).

Likewise, Kargas might find that one of the empires subjugated colonies is becoming too sympathetic the the Federation, and might send a force to pacify the population. There are a lot of ways this can be handled, and many RP situations can arise from it, and consequently, they can direct the way it progresses. PvP deaths would be RP'd as significant damage, or injuries, or captains could claim to have been there amongs the rest of the Federation's forces, etc. It would not be adviseable to go in with permadeath in mind, unless you make a new redshirt.
Wow, this is like building a game within the game. This sounds very huge in scope. I think I understand the concept, but I don't get who is playing what side? Is a Fed rep, Klingon Rep and etc chosen to represent their side in the weekly fight? How much time do you think it takes weekly to play? Certainly the game master is heavily devoted to this, as far as time goes.

Given the large-ness of this, I would be more than willing to put it into the weekly sitrep reports, but I don't think I have the time to devote to playing this out on my character(s). I'd follow it and observe it as Fleet canon, though.
I always like these ideas, Simulated RP campaigns are always cool. I pitched something similar, though way more simplified and smaller in scale over a year ago as a SFK event. Would love to take part, but considering the time requirements, and the fact that the guilds event calendar days managed to somehow schedule every single RP shift into a time when I'm working, Its doubtful that I would ever be able to contribute the necessary time to it.
I think I had a better grasp of the rules, I'd be willing to also help make moves, but as it stands, I'd beg off to people who know what they're doing.

But, generally, I am pro anything structured that will give people something to RP off of.

Having said that, I am interested in potentially coming up with programmatic solutions to make playing this out easier and not such a huge burden on the GM. Off the top of my head, I'd guess it'd be a public Google docs backend with a JS frontend.

I'm... probably willing to code this. (emphasis on the probably, because... you know, time and stuff. >_> )
My concerns are a hair RP and a Hair Practical

RP I am worried about anything that really forces us into saying Argo and Kargas are foils of one another and that is set in stone. I've always really liked to voice this fact, because I think it keeps more open if we can bounce between our relations and their severity as time and situations warrant.

Additionally, what happens when one side wins. If this is built like a contest, even if there are built in limits in how fast progression can go, things can go lopsided with one side victorious. This is goes beyond just fuzzy goggles we look at the state of the Federation/Klingon war right now in game and I fear may end up limiting our scope of RP. Especially if we need to keep jumping back to return to a forum to check. This fear could say be relieved by making the scope smaller. Like, a sub sector our fleets are both interested in. And we do a series of small things. That way we get conflict, a war, but not an end to it. Or an IC unrecoverable victory while the rest of the game goes on without it. I think this is also another thing to consider if we want to keep including outside guilds.

As is "combat" beyond RP events is defined by money and resources. That also limits thing based on players per faction participating, and how much each side is able to use. Also, how are we going to tally this? Bank system could work, just put things into a tab but... I feel using EC for this is a bit of a waste while both fleets have projects that do rely on some EC requirements.

In Short: Concerns about this locking our fleets in RP duels to the death and limiting us as a result.

Concerns about overarching RP with the state of the war, suggest perhaps we micro this up a hair to large maps representing small sections of sectors.

I see the reason why EC requirements are being looked at as a tool to show real weight to this, but, I am worried about that when EC for some is rather disproportionate.

I want to do something like this, where we can compete between fleets, but feel this is a bit to ambitious in current form. I may be wrong though.
Uh, wait... for some reason, I did not interpret this as using actual game resources. >_>

That's definitely one thing I'd put my foot down on and not just because it would make my participation impossible, but I think there are plenty enough sinks that exist in the game as it is. There's really no need to add an additional one for the sake of structured conflict.
I'm interested but i'd suggest a small scale test run of the idea. I have some quite tough pvp ready builds and am definately ready to do some fun pvp tussles with others. I know some out there however downright loathe pvp and it would be nice to include them somehow. Over all thought if something gets us out and shooting things together im generally for it.
I think this is extremely well thought out and clearly lots of time was put into this. I do like it a lot. However, I do echo XR’s concerns and am forced to agree with Kat on the money/resource sink. I also strongly believe that this should be solely FED vs KDF with obvious help from ROM for either side. As much as love the ROM the truth is they are currently without a structured government and IRL I don’t think they would truly be a threat to either the FED or KDF in this fractured state. They can be powerful allies for sure, as well as dreadful and deadly when teamed with our enemies.

My solution/recommendation for the resources would be to either scrape it completely OR make it so that the faction must meet ¼ or ½ or 5/8 (or whatever is decided upon) added to for a fleet project in the fleet tab. This way we get both the fact that it costs money to fight this war but also the sides are getting something productive out of it.

As for it always being SFK vs TFA, I recommend that outside the occasional “we detected at least one of their ships on sensors” for the RPed after math of said battle I think mention of either fleet by the opposing side should be nearly nonexistent. We know they are enemies, we also know they have worked together in the past. It only stands to reason that in a war they would occasionally meet on the battlefield, that doesn’t mean it has to solely be SFK vs TFA. We can pretend/RP they are other fleets/ships that we are opposing during such glorious battles. Not to mention it would get boring quick constantly fighting the same characters in-game, and this also allows players to rack up an IC “kill count” if they want since no matter how many times you target and blow up a fellow fleet member that IC it wasn’t their ship and TFA and SFK are not burning through a million ships a month.

For the star systems changing hands I cannot stress enough how much I like this idea. That being said, I think we should limit it to a few (3) player made systems within the sectors. I also strongly believe this private little war should remain exclusively within the Pi Canis Sector Block, the heavily contested Orellius Sector Block, the Gamma Orionis sector block, and the Donaut Sector (the rest are really considered strongholds/ROM owned/well defended areas for either factions so a battle in their would be suicide and possibly spark a full on war with the ROMs). For special, infrequent, huge RPed events, the Kassae and Archanis Sectors could be up for grabs (this brings the opposing forces within striking distance of Starbase 24 and Ganalda as well as SFK HQ).

Rather than laying claim to an entire sector per victory I would rely on player made systems within sectors (as I said above). This reduces the real in-game loss of specific areas and also allows us to establish why such a planet/system is so important (Dil, precious metals, strategic value, nebula gas, etc.). This prevents the loss of say the KDF fleet base as well as Starbase 24 and the Gateway system and so on but yet still provides a side with a clear victory/defeat and establishes who has the larger force/control of a given sector or entire sector block. For instance, we could have a total of 3 player made important star systems per sector, this means that at the best of times any sector has the presence of both the KDF and FED but one side has 2/3 control (or seen as the opposing force has only half the amount of ships and personnel needed to fight the enemy in that sector and establish control). Keeping it in the sectors I mentioned also keeps our story mostly in line with the game (which will make it easier for new members to get accustomed to) while providing a frontline to this war and giving each side something to work towards. Also, having multiple (3) player made systems per sector means that factions have a variety of choices to pick from and it’s not the same spot over and over and over again being fought for as there would be other areas to focus on, maybe devote fleet resources to (that IRL contribute to the Fleet base), and give fresh RP reasons for fighting for an area (examples used above such as nebula gas, precious metals, etc.).

I believe with very minor tweaks as a group effort that this can be a powerful RP tool that will also provide a meaning to this war.
Firstly, to allay concerns about resources. I simply used in-game resource names, and the actual resources would be done via spreadsheet, and each faction would start with a certain number of Conquest EC, and then go from there with resources based out of the systems/planets they control. Held territory would provide a certain amount of recovered Conquest EC. There is no resource sink here, and was never intended to be.

Secondly, I can easily put the scale much smaller, and make a fictitious system/systems, and the planets involved there.

Thirdly, it's less about representing TFA and Kargas, and more about Starfleet and the KDF. When we originally discussed this a couple years ago, you may recall that we said captains would consider themselves there for RP purposes, but in the whole, the respawn factor would mean they also represent run of the mill captains/ships/crews of each faction.

Fourth, in regard to how this would play out, we would have a list of people with characters on each faction, and when we do a match, we would essentially draw lots or use a random generator to fill the groups, so that people could play both sides, and not be stuck with any single faction (unless they really want to be fed/klingon only). If there are enough who play regularly, we might be able to appoint a strategist for each side for a set time, and see how that works out too, or leave targets and resource expenditures for a fixed representative from each faction.

Time wise for the actual event, it comes down to how long it takes to do 3-5 PvP matches. I can GM the resource end without much issue. I made the system far more simple than I was going to, just based on the projected time investment. It's a matter of using a calculator with a set equation, and then the choice of expenditures from the faction reps to figure in expenses. Likewise, the map upkeep is a matter of just keeping track of which sector/system has been involved, and changing the tag accordingly (using a set of photoshop layers).

To Katriel, I can give you a very specific set of equations to use for resource management, if you're so inclined to program a front-end for the game.

Since the preference seems to be a smaller scale conflict over a specific territory, I'll prepare an appropriate map, RP background, and system information for the region involved, and repost it, along with a mock-up of the resource management phase, to help everyone get a better grasp of the game in progress.