Game Items for RP

The following is a compiled list of game items that have visual effects or game mechanic properties that may enhance your RP immersion experience. While some of these items are available in many more variations than what's listed, we've constrained ourselves to listing the simplest, cheapest, fastest, and most reliable methods of obtaining the items. (EV suits, for example, come in very many different flavors and costs.)

If you came to this list looking for items that are mandatory for Argo RP events, the only one that is sometimes required for certain event participation is the Environmental (EV) Suit. It is also highly recommended that you try to pick up a Risa Floater when the Summer Event is available.

Most everything else falls under nice to have!



ItemTypeSource & CostNotes
Environmental SuitBody ArmorFree, run "Boldly They Rode" mission episode.Rugged EV model, steel color
Environmental Suit - Pre-OwnedBody Armor85 dil, Dilithium StoreRugged EV model, tan color
ExocompNoncombat Pet300 zen, C-Store
Fire Suppression DeviceGround DeviceFree; run "Researcher Rescue" mission.Makes a large white spray when activated
FlashlightGround DeviceFree, run "Starbase Incursion" fleet action or "What Lies Beneath" mission episode.Hover flashlight that hangs over your avatar's shoulder
RebreatherGround DeviceFree; Romulans run "The Best Defense", others run "What's Left Behind".A breathing mask device that goes over your avatar's nose and mouth
Beverage ItemsGround Device20ec from inventory Replicator or Bartender NPCs (Any beverage works; Synthale, Slug-O-Cola, etc.)Consumable, so stock up! Triggers a drink-from-soda-can animation on your avatar on use.
Food ItemsGround Device20ec from Inventory Replicator or Bartender NPCs (Any food works)Consumable, so stock up! Triggers an eating-a-candy-bar animation on your avatar on use.


ItemTypeSource & CostNotes
Phaser Full Auto Rilfe Mk I
Phaser Sniper Rifle Mk I
Phaser Split Beam Rifle Mk I
Ranged Weapon250 EC; ESD Requisitions Area (Ensign Lessa)All 3 use same model base model, no glowy bits; closest to the canon rifle.
Phaser Beam Pistol - Stun Beam Standard IssueRanged Weapon1 EC; Inventory ReplicatorBase model, no glowy bits
Compression Phaser RifleRanged Weapon500 Delta Marks, 5 APCs, 9k dil, 40k EC; Delta Alliance Reputation (T3)Canon rifle from Voyager
Elite Fleet Phaser WeaponsRanged Weapon14k Fleet Credit, 4250 dil; Fleet Ground Supplies OfficerSleek, non-bulky, endgame-level weapons
Romulan Disruptor WeaponsRanged WeaponFree, run "Frozen" mission episode.One per run, Mk XI near-canon Romulan pistol or rifle
Romulan Plasma WeaponsRanged Weapon6375 dil; New Romulus Reputation Store (T1)Mk XII near-canon Romulan pistols and rifles
Klingon Bat'lethMelee WeaponFree, run "The Undying" (blue quality) or "Coliseum" (white quality) mission episodes.Klingon Bat'leth
Vulcan LirpaMelee WeaponFree, run "The Undying" (blue quality) or "Coliseum" (white quality) mission episodes.Vulcan Lirpa
Tsunkatse FalchionMelee WeaponFree, run "The Undying" (blue quality) or "Coliseum" (white quality) mission episodes.Large sword, straps to back
Nausicaan Tegolar SwordMelee WeaponNo guaranteed source; locate-able on the ExchangeKatana-like sword, sheathes to side


ItemTypeSource & CostNotes
Frosted BootsGround Device15 of each common-quality Winter Event consumableTechnically these work anywhere, but the ice skating effect only works in Q's Winter Wonderland
Risa FloaterGround Device50 Lohlunat Favors minimum; varying costs for varying speeds and colorsPermits flying in the Risa Summer Event map, as well as specialized foundry maps
Risa PowerboardGround Device50 Lohlunat Favors minimum; varying costs for varying speeds and colorsPermits powerboarding on both Risa maps
Slug o cola I believe gives you that "drinking out of a can" animation.
Neat! Added.