So yeah.

I was invited to go to Gamescom this weekend (Thurs-Sunday). I was just wondering if you guys had any questions or anything you want from the floor that I could bring you guys back.

Any way, was just an idea/offer. Write me something if this sounds interesting.
For STO or any game in general?
Thaaaaaaaaaat's awesome, Elliot. Go and look at the Elder Scrolls MMO and tell me how awful it is, k? :d
For STO or any game in general?

Any game you'll want really, Shan.

@Quae, I'd rather not touch that game with a stick. But I shall go and do my best in describing the deplorable attributes that ESO will become. Promise.
I know a guy that went recently, he got to play Rome 2 TW and spoke to some of the devs. As for the Elder Scrolls MMO, it looks kinda neat tbh ;-)
If you run into the STO folks I'd love to know:

1 - When will "emote" be a chat channel we can modify again?
2 - Whats coming next for the Foundry?
3 - Can we get a Foundry Gate in the Fleet Starbase? ANYWHERE in the fleet starbase

If you run into Bioware, anything they got on Mass Effect 4 would be awesome... unless its Chris Hudson. Then just punch him in the face and say "Commander Shepard says hi!" Okay, okay. Just kidding.... sorta.

Congrats on going to that event. I'd like to do one of those things some day! Have fun.
Ooo...Rome TW 2...forgot about that one...MUST KNOW MORE!! :p
Oh and the STO devs need to tell us when import/export of costumes will be back in foundry. Foundry is dreadful without it.
Sitting in the airport as I write this, hopefully this should still work!

TESO - What a piece of shit. If you ever see anything as generic in your lifetime - It'll be TESO. I tried it for 20 minutes and it felt like Skyrim with someone next to me. Communicating was hard, none read anything - The screen was cluttered and overall very f*cking annoying to try and navigate. The combat was buggy, as I tried firing a bow I managed to shoot off 3 arrows in less than a second, It was more an assault rifle.
I wasnt allowed to take any pictures inside the TES:o booth, but here's one with people swarming around it:


My personal favourite:

Wildstar! Man did I have a great time there, the devs were amazingly nice, where I got to speak to the actual Art Director about the style they chose. The game itself was super fluid, it was so much fun running around evoiding hits and just over all goofing around in it. Im normally not a big fan of the cartoony style, but i guess it works.

The booth:


Occulus Rift was there, it was amazing - I got my head chopped off.
Sorry for the shitty quality.


Ooo...Rome TW 2...forgot about that one...MUST KNOW MORE!! :p

I passed it a couple of times, it was right next to the Saints Row Booth. It didnt look to interesting, but then again, I didnt have time to play it.

Cryptic didnt have a presence this year as far as I know, but there were some ST-Merch you could buy. Like: