***General Communication History class***

TO: 26th Fleet ***General Communication***
FROM: Starfleet EDU
SUBJECT: Ten level, Federation History, Course 07

Tonight at 1900((7PM Central time)) Starfleets Continuing Education system would like to invite you to a class on the 23rd century as taught by Captain Rhys Llywarch on Starbase 381. Topics to include Duotronics, Ships of the line, and starfleets history to that point. This class is worth twenty points toward the promotion board and two semester hours in the school of your choosing. Period appropriate Uniforms can be found in your nearest replicator for those who want the full experience.

LT. Robert Excentlin
Chief of Education
Starbase 381

((This is just a fun little class I was interested in teaching and have a reason to wear the TOS uniforms I never use. If your interested in attended Icly just hit me up @Juroden for an station invite. Thanks!))
((Thanks so much for this invite! I'll pop by! :d ))
((I have to cancel this for another day. I'm sorry. My apartment got Robbed.))
Oh my goodness. That's terrifying. I hope everyone is okay. o_o