GNN: Kai Opaka Returns, Kira to Step Down

Kai Opaka Returns, Kira to Step Down
After nearly five decades in the Gamma Quadrant, Kai Opaka returns to Bajor with the Orb of Peace.

In an unexpected joint undertaking between the Federation and the Dominion, Kai Kira of Bajor personally joined a Starfleet Medical away team led by Doctor Julian Bashir aboard a Jem'Hadar vessel on a mission to evacuate the inhabitants the Olt System prison moon in the Gamma Quadrant.

Kai Opaka was stranded on the moon in 2369 after her runabout crash landed, along with the prison's original inhabitants, the Ennis and the Nol-Ennis. The moon's complex security system involved infecting prisoners with microbes which granted effective immortality, but only for as long as they remained imprisoned. Leaving the moon would previously have meant certain death. When the Federation-Dominion team arrived, after fending off a Hur'q attack, they successfully located the former Kai. They discovered that in the years since her accidental incarceration, she discovered an Orb of the Prophets - the Orb of Peace. With the help of the orb, Opaka was able to end the centuries-old conflict between the Ennis and the Nol-Ennis.

With the use of a Dominion-provided 'cure' to the microbes, Opaka and the other prisoners were successfully evacuated, to resume their natural lifespans. In an address to the Bajoran people only hours after their return to DS9, Kai Kira announced her intention to step aside for Opaka to retake her place as Bajor's spiritual leader. GNN was unable to reach Kai Opaka for comment, but celebrations of her safe return have already begun all over Bajor.

Opaka's rescue is the first cooperative venture to result from this weekend's crisis summit, held on Deep Space 9. Though the conference was repeatedly interrupted by attempted Hur'q incursions through the wormhole, it's clear that the diplomats were undeterred. While no public announcement has been made by any of the faction leaders present, it would seem that this unprecedented collaboration between former enemies could be a sign of things to come.

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((Events of Armistice are now fleet canon.))