GNN: Terran Invasion Thwarted

Sol is saved by 11th hour heroics, the return of V’ger, and Starfleet calling the Terran Emperor’s mother.

All of us here at GNN headquarters are overwhelmingly relieved, this morning, to be reporting this breaking news: Sol is saved. The Other is no longer a threat. The Terrans have withdrawn to their own universe. And in a stunning turn of events, ships, planets, and countless thousands of people thought lost forever to The Other’s digitization weapon are have been restored to existence. Truly, such a positive outcome is nothing short of miraculous. Keep reading for the full story and exclusive information.

Last year’s incursions from the Mirror Universe resulted in the Terran Emperor, Wesley Crusher, successfully subjugating and weaponizing The Other (“C’qer”, formerly space probe Conqueror VI). Interdimensional operations spearheaded by Starfleet Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway unsuccessfully attempted to prevent the Emperor’s plans. These and other efforts, however, did succeed in creating and fostering dissent in the Terran ranks. A number of high ranking Terran-Starfleet officers turned against their Emperor and provided intel or direct aid to Prime Universe forces.

Terran Imperial Warships Defiant, Enterprise, and Voyager arrive from the Mirror Universe.

Last week, Emperor Crusher launched his final invasion of our universe. The initial incursion took place in the Pahvo System. Though his original flagship, ISS Acheron, was destroyed in the battle, the invasion force escorting Crusher and The Other was undeterred. Alliance forces were forced to withdraw, and Pahvo was lost.

The Emperor’s goal was clear: the destruction of the Federation - beginning with its headquarters in Sol. To combat this, Starfleet implemented Operation Roadblock - a series of defensive lines along the Terrans’ projected path to Earth. While these engagements failed to halt the invasion, the sacrifice of over a dozen starships bought precious time for Alliance teams to continue working on finding a way to defeat The Other.

Support vessels race to complete evacuation of Mars ahead of The Other's arrival.

Alliance forces led by IKS Bortasqu’ engaged the Terran fleet at Jupiter, employing Jupiter Station’s holographic systems to mount another delaying action as contingency evacuations of Mars and Earth shuttled a small percentage of the worlds’ populations safely out of the system.

Despite heroic efforts the majority of the defenders, Jupiter Station, and the gas giant itself were soon digitized by The Other, clearing the way for the Terrans to advance to Mars. RRW Lleiset and an Alliance task force provided cover for transports leaving the red planet, ensuring that as many civilians as possible could escape. These defenders too were soon digitized along with Mars and its orbital structures. All surviving combat-capable ships in-system rallied in Earth’s orbit for a final showdown the likes of which hadn’t been seen since the Iconian War.

Fleet Admiral Quinn, Proconsul D'Tan, and Chancellor L'Rell look on as The Other's plasma bolts approach Earth Space Dock.

Science teams continued working to find a way to penetrate The Other’s defenses until the last possible moment as the combatants put up a valiant fight. Despite these last-stand heroics, there seemed little hope that a solution would be found in time. Luckily, when all appeared lost V’ger arrived and began fighting on the side of the Alliance.

As the two demigods engaged in direct combat, a daring plan was hatched. Captain Va’Kel Shon led the USS Enterprise and its mirror-counterpart ISS Enterprise into the heart of The Other, taking advantage of both the weakened defenses and insider-knowledge provided by V’ger’s construct of Starfleet Lieutenant Ilia.

Once The Other was breached the Enterprises were able to deliver an away team which included Emperor Crusher’s mother, who had devised a way to strip her son of his superhuman powers. After what was reported to be an intense battle at C’qer’s core, the Emperor was rendered vulnerable and his connection with The Other was severed.

In a stunning turn of events, the Emperor’s mother was able to convince him to stand down without further violence. Because of the unique connection he had forged by merging with C’qer, V’ger and Ilia allowed him to remain - intending to take both him and C’qer to the far reaches of the galaxy, on a journey to grow beyond their destructive natures. With V’ger’s help, C’qer then proceeded to restore everything that had been digitized. Mars, Jupiter, Pahvo, all the orbital stations, and all of the ships that were presumed destroyed by The Other’s plasma weapons began reappearing, as if restored to the moment they were digitized.

The two entities departed, and all remaining Terran Empire forces returned to their own universe, leaving the Federation and its allies to begin healing. Though many are undoubtedly uncomfortable with the outcome of these events. Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn is on record saying, “I can’t say I’m entirely comfortable with leaving the Emperor’s fate in their hands, but under the circumstances, I don’t think we were given a better alternative.”

Accordingly, most would be hard pressed to make a compelling argument that this was not the best outcome that could have been hoped for. There is no denying the overwhelming sense of relief spreading throughout the system and the galaxy, as friends, family, and loved ones reunite and celebrate having barely averted tragedy on a massive scale.

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((Events of Eye of the Storm and The Fujiwhara Effect are now fleet canon.))