HALP (Mac client)

So, hey, guys -- STO is not working on the craptop. It just won't load and I'm out of space for the updates anyway. Sigh.

LUCKILY I was able to get a super awesome used 2013 MacBook from a friend for a price I could afford, only... the Mac client is gone! Is there some way of running STO through a Mac so I can actually come back to you guys?

Someday I'll get a good, new computer, but I need a job first....
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The mac client is unusable for me. Your best bet is to set up a drive partition and install windows on there. Sorry!
The Mac client was discontinued several years ago (back when the console version was announced) and stopped working a few months later.

Your options on a Mac are to use Boot Camp to set up a Windows partition (by far the best and easiest option really), or to run STO inside of an environment like WINE (comparatively complex).

Good luck. :)
I will look up WINE because there's no way I'm gonna be able to partition and bootcamp this thing. I simply don't have the knowledge nor the friends to help. Does anyone know any other software?
.... guys. GUYS. I have a patcher and it seems to be installing. THIS MIGHT HAPPEN
Setting up a drive partition on a Mac is nowhere near as complex as in windows, should the WINE thing not work out for you:
PlayOnMac gets me in, but not far -- I can only see hair and teeth, and absolutely nothing else, including walls, floors, other characters, etc. So I will be able to RP on the station! But not run missions or go places where I can't hang my character off another character's motions.

I'll try to figure out a way around it when I'm not drowning in RL, until then, please be patient with me.
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A 2013 Mac Book may be too old for what I'm thinking of, but the bootcamp stuff should be just in the control panel and it's fairly straightforward. Plus if you use Windows 10, if you never licence it *ahem* all you get is a watermark in the lower right saying it's not activated, oh and you can't change your wallpaper or colour scheme (a few other customisation stuff too) but otherwise works completely fine, updates included, even the big feature ones (though that may change in the future).

Apple's guide: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201468
Windows 10 ISO: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO
Oh the reasons for your issues is that WINE, which PlayOnMac uses a customized version of, only recently started supporting DirectX11 (As of January 2018) 10 years after Windows first received it. Cryptic dropped support for Windows XP and DirectX9 which is why the Mac client was dropped, as all it was really was a PlayOnMac/WINE wrapper. And all that being said WINE's default was Windows XP compatibility, not Windows 7 until VERY recently (past month).
You should be aware that the game is going to run MUCH better under Windows than it will under WINE or some kind of Windows environment in Mac OS. This was even true of the official Mac client (it was actually just the Windows client running inside of a wrapper). The difference in performance is not minor.

Using Boot Camp to partition and install Windows on a Mac is in no way technically complex. The Boot Camp selector in Control Panel is a slightly different thing used to select which drive is booted by default (although it may automatically launch the installer if there is no boot camp partition installed). The installer is in the Utilities folder (Applications/Utilities/). It is a very short step by step process and everything is explained on screen.

You will start the installer and it will give you a slider that will let you select how much space you want for your Windows drive, and how much you want for your Mac drive. You will not lose any data on the Mac drive when you do this.

Once you have decided how you want to split your available space, the boot camp installer will automatically handle partitioning for you, which takes a few seconds. Then it will ask you for the Windows install disc. From that point on, Windows install proceeds normally.

All of this information is available on Apple's own official website and there are videos if you prefer a visual aid through the two-step process. But, as I mention above, it really is almost entirely on auto-pilot.
The problem with Boot Camp, though, is that if you want to run a legit copy of Windows, you have to buy it. Windows 10's free period apparently lapsed.
You can still get Windows for free because the free period is extended more or less indefinitely with certain conditions. I forget how to do this exactly, but a quick search of the internet should provide the location on Microsoft's website for that purpose.

This is what I had to do when I recently purchased a new iMac, because all I have is Windows 7 and the newest Macs don't have Boot Camp support for anything but Windows 10.

Here's a Forbes link that explains that earlier product keys are still valid for Windows 10.

Separately, it appears that MS has closed their assistive device extension.
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The "trial" period for Windows 10 is permanent, it's not like Windows 7 where after 14 days you can't use it at all. The only restrictions for Windows 10 are a watermark in the lower right and you can't change your wallpaper, plus a few other minor cosmetic things.
I should point out, it is actually a fully legit way of using it, that's just the way they run it now since there's no money in software sales practically
I should point out, it is actually a fully legit way of using it, that's just the way they run it now since there's no money in software sales practically

This. Microsoft hasn't made most of their money in consumer sales for decades. Their profit is and has been driven by their enterprise arm and other service-side aspects. But now we digress...!
FWIW, I went through this process tonight, boot camping my laptop so I can play Sea of Thieves on it. The process was very easy and at no point did I need a windows key. This guide will get you started: https://support.apple.com/boot-camp