Hangar Bay Request

To: CMDR Sakkhet ((@Nimitz ))
CC: CDR Davin (( @Davin ))
From: LT Aev
Subj: Hangar Bay Request

Jolan’tru Commander,

I would like to request the use of one of your hangar bays for a short duration of time. Command is sending us several modified Kestral runabouts, and current operations aboard D’Ishae are limiting our available hangar space. We’re pushing capacity already, and these new small craft would mean making cuts to ongoing missions. We’d prefer to avoid that by storing them aboard station for roughly two weeks.

Please contact me with any questions.

Lieutenant Aev
Intelligence Officer, R.R.W. D’Ishae


To: CMDR Sakkhet (@Nimitz)
CC: LT Aev (@Aev)
From: LCDR Valore
Subj: JSI Hanger Request

Commander Sakkhet,

Good day. I have just been aware that the D’Ishae has requested hanger bay space to store runabouts.

It is pertinent to an ongoing fleet operation and I would ask of you to fast-track this request. If there are any complications with such a thing, I would care to be personally informed.

Lieutenant Commander Valore
Office of the Admiralty


To: LT Aev
CC: CDR Davin
From: CMDR Sakkhet
Subj: RE: Hangar Bay Request

Hanger Bay 13 is empty now, apologizes for the delay. Given that the annual Risa leave is underway we are more shorthanded then usual.

Commander Sakkhet
Chief of Operations/Deep Space 13.