Happy Holidays

To: LT. @Valore, S.
From: CIV. @Konieczko, D.
Subj: Happy Holidays

Lieutenant Valore,

I hope everything has been going well since we last spoke and saw each other. I thought I would take a few moments to give you an update and wish you and Marcus happy holidays.

Laluu and I have settled in nicely here on Earth, we’ve a home in San Francisco a good ways from the Academy and Headquarters but honestly not terribly far. I’ve been asked to pop in from time to time but I’m not making a habit of it. I’ve been incredibly busy in retirement, figuring out what is next for me and busy with Laluu. I think it was probably one of the better choices I’ve made in the last few years of my life to step away.

She’s actually running now, not incredibly well but well enough for a two year old. She’ll also climb just about everything she can. There’s been a few bumps and scrapes that have been cause for concern but no luckily no blood. The odd thing is that it doesn’t even phase her, she just gets up and starts running again. Her pediatrician claims that kids bounce back incredibly well, but I’m not sure that kids should bounce the way she has. There’s also the matter of volume, if you thought she was loud before it’s worse now. Just constant shrieking like a banshee.

It’s not all bad though, she’s a handful but what can you do about your own kids, right? The other night I was reading her a bedtime story, a declassified report that someone had forwarded to me of a developmental observation of a species of small furry bipeds. They stood about a meter tall, used spears, slings and often hang gliders as vehicles. Anyways, I spun a goldilocks like story using these creatures, the way her face lit up before she lulled herself to sleep was just to die for. I was poorly positioned and when she fell asleep she did so on me and just looked too precious to move.

I’ll be sending a few things for you and Marcus for the holidays, I’m hoping that they will arrive in time, but if not maybe they’re new years gifts.

Give my best to everyone, and I hope all is well.

Take Care Sera,

Dmitri R. Konieczko
Rear Admiral, Upper Half (ret.)


[Attached is a photo of Dmitri standing next to a man dressed as Santa Claus seated in a throne. Laluu perched on Saint Nick’s lap. The three seem to be in a winter wonderland, candy canes, gingerbread men and snow covers the landscape. The Elder Konieczko is definitely pictured with more joy than the younger.]