Hawkins' Artifact

To: CAPT Varley, Lauren (@Lauren)
CC: CMDR Mandra, Alina (@Master_Dex)
From: ENS Thyzee
Subj: Hawkins’ Artifact


As ordered, I have investigated the object in Mr. Hawkins’ possession. I have confirmed that it is indeed a psionic artifact of considerable power. Although perfectly matching in appearance to a Bajoran Orb of the Prophets, I was unable to confirm or deny that aspect. It may be prudent to ask an experienced member of the Bajoran church to analyze it.

Passively, the artifact induces various personalized visions upon the minds of those who make visual contact. Actively, as many people witnessed, it displayed telekinetic force upon physical contact with Captain Alistair Nimitz. Please note that this is only what I have observed. It may not be the limit of the artifact’s capabilities.

Upon attempting to make telepathic contact with the artifact, it acted almost as a conduit to a being of (at least to this officer) incomprehensible psionic might. Although this number likely cannot be confirmed, I estimate this beings’ ESPER rating to be at least in the several million. The only beings of similar or greater power (that this officer is permitted knowledge of) are the Q, the Douwd, and the Bajoran Prophets.

I also think it is important to note that Mr. Hawkins’ mind was extremely well protected, most likely by this entity, or a side effect of the artifact. It is unlikely that I would be able to penetrate this defense in a short amount of time. Such an intrusion may also lead to Mr. Hawkins receiving mental damage.

After the conclusion of the religious gathering, the artifact (inside of the container) was seized by Lieutenant Commander Sera Valore. I recommended she place the artifact back onto the deck for her own safety, as the effects of physical contact are yet unknown. She expressed that the artifact was giving her feelings that led her to not want to release it. After a significant amount of urging by both myself and Lieutenant Nicholas Loxton, she let go of the object. It was later teleported to a security cell.

It is my recommendation that nobody should enter into physical contact with the container and/or the artifact within. Nobody should enter into visual contact with the artifact itself.

Unfortunately, after the incident, I grew increasingly frustrated due to repeated interruption, ignoration of my suggestions, an accusation of being a ‘religious fanatic’, and a general seeming lack of serious attitude towards potential abilities of the artifact. This led to me entering into a brief, inappropriate standoff with Lieutenant Nicholas Loxton. Due to a temporary lapse in discipline, I lost minute control over my abilities, resulting in cold temperatures and the creation of small amounts of ozone. I submit myself to any punishment deemed necessary.

Ensign Thyzee
Psionics Specialist,
Deep Space 13