Helena Rhal, Dossier


Rank: Lt Commander
Post: Security Chief, USS Gainsborough

o4g3nYl.jpg Species: Joined Trill
Host gender: female
Height: 5’7” (1.75 m)
Eye colour: dark blue
Hair colour: black

Previous hosts of the Rhal symbiont (earlier host first):

Nairey, female - Lived on Trill as a civilian, her focus was on fine arts and literature.
Rhyan, male - Geologist on Trill.
Galen, male - Federation Starfleet Station Counsellor on Starbase 14.
Mizra, female - Federation Starfleet Commanding Officer of an Akira class during Dominion War, then became a Starfleet Instructor until 2400.

Note: only the last postings of the previous hosts are noted in this file. To see the further information on the previous hosts, Galen and Mizra, please refer to their respective dossiers.

On stardate 78754.9 (2401) Mizra declared deceased and the symbiont Rhal was joined with Helena. Helena to be known as Helena Rhal thenceforth.

Helena was a Lieutenant at the time of the joining and worked as a Security Officer on the USS Turing.

In 2412 she married Cassandra Kim while still serving on the Turing.

On stardate 489993.3 (2414) promoted to Lt Commander and worked as the Assistant Security Chief briefly on DS13, but soon after taking the assignment she had to get back to Trill for a couple of months to attend a family matter.

In the mean time her wife Cassandra was assigned to the USS Gainsborough and Helena joined her soon after. She is now the Security Chief on the ship.

Helena Rhal is fairly reserved, although not shy. She opens up to her wife to whom she shows warmer colours, otherwise while on duty she has been referred to as "Clockwork".

This general attitude make her occasional jokes quite random and might catch people by surprise, showing that she does know how to party when off the clock, after all.

She loves art even though she doesn't necessarily pursue it in her free time – probably a remnant from Rhal's first host.
((Updated, she is back to life))