Hexcius tr'Gaius

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General information

Name: Hexcius tr'Gaius

Current rank: Romulan Republic Commander

Posting: Commanding Officer, R.R.W. Mnhei'sahe (D'Deridex class)

Orders: Pending transfer to Federation Task Force Argo, Deep Space 13

Biographical information

Date and place of birth: 2318, Romulus, Ki Baratan


2338: Enters Imperial Academy

2342: Graduates with specialty in ship and ground based stealth combat tactics, posted
to I.R.W. Delevhas Vastham as Sublieutenant tactical officer

2375: Promoted to Centurion, made leader of visitation, boarding, search and seizure
seizure team

2376: sustains serious injury in *REDACTED*, awarded medals for
bravery and conduct

2378: Promoted to Subcommander, transferred to I.R.W. Executor, Assigned as Tactical
Department Head, reprimanded for failing to advance the goals of the Romulan
Star Empire, recalled to Romulus to serve in administrative capacity

2379: Leads counter-attack against dug-in cadre of Shinzon's forces, succeeds

2380: Posted to I.R.W. Talon as Tactical Department Head

2383: Promoted to Commander, Assigned command of I.R.W. Mnhei'sahe

2385: Awarded medal for distinguished service

2387: I.R.W. Mnhei'sahe is recalled after destruction of Romulus for *REDACTED*

2389: Reprimanded by superiors for refusing order to attack fledgling colonies

2393: Abandons post and vanishes.

2409: Resurfaces on New Romulus, Reinstated as Romulan Republic Subcommander,
Posted as Executive Officer of R.R.W. Talon

2413: Promoted to Commander, offered command of salvaged R.R.W. Mnhei'sahe
concurrent with transfer to Task Force Argo, Accepts

Mental and physical health data is missing for subject, to be placed in record after evaluation by Deep Space 13 personnel.


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