Historical Tour - Report

On Stardate 89436.8, several officer's took part in a tour of the U.S.S. Excalibur, an Original Constitution Class Vessel. The tour included the warp core, the crew lounge and the conference room.

At the end of the tour, several of the touring officer's took stations on the bridge during a simulation of the 'M-5 Incident'. The original incident resulted in the destruction of the Excalibur. Thanks to the attentions of Captain Morton, the Excalibur was able to bring full shields up in time to absorb the attack that originally destroyed her. After exchanging fire several times with the M-5 controlled Enterprise, several phaser bursts, damaging the Excalibur, one burst removing the Excalibur's warp drive, and severely damaging her impulse drive, the Excalibur was very nearly dead in space. As the Enterprise positioned for the killing shot, Morton informed Commander Vololes that the Excalibur would not survive another hit. Commander Vololes gave the order to draw power from all over the ship and transfer it into the forward phaser emitters. After Captain Morton transferred power from all major systems, the Excalibur opened fire with multiple phaser bursts, which pierced the Enterprise bridge, exposing it to space. Shortly after this, Lexington, Hood, and Potemkin arrived and towed both ships back to Starbase 17. At which point the simulation ended and the officer's departed for their posting's, whether that was a ship or the Starbase.
A holo-cam recorded the historical tour of the USS Excalibur, lead by Commander T'Paar. The old Constitution class vessel has been painstaking retrofitted to the specific modifications of a Constitution class vessel. The blue prints were taken in direct comparison to the USS Yorktown.

Officers from Task Force ARGO beam aboard the USS Excalibur for the Tour of the Constitution class vessel by Commander T'Paar.

Commander T'Paar leads the tour of the ship, to include some Starfleet historical trivia. Can anyone name the first Captain of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701?

The visitors are treated to an old simulation of an incident with the USS Enterprise.
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