[Holodeck] Empress of the Galaxy

Empress of the Galaxy" timezone=“America/New_York” end=“2023-03-18 20:00” allowedGroups=“trust_level_0” reminders=“notification.15.minutes”]

In order to raise morale, LCDR Valore is organizing a public holodeck session focusing on entertainment and interactivity.

Shift Time:Gamma

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Social

Starting Point: DS13 Holodeck

We’ll be playing a cool new game called King of the Castle that focuses heavily on social interaction rather than mechanics, so the focus will be on characters interacting, bargaining, etc. It’ll take longer than usual because I’ll hold off on maintaining game flow in favor of interaction - we’ll see how it goes. Only one person actually has to own the game so yay free (but it is only five dollars, and I can recommend it to those who were interested in checking it out). Overall this’ll be a bit of a test run, and the game might take several sessions, but we’ll see how it goes!