Incident Report - deliverance of bodies recovered from wreckage

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Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes: Ah, you came. I was almost starting to thing Starfleet would try and double cross me.

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes: think*

Nethali@Quaen folds her arms gruffly over her chest, fixing a glower on the orion woman.

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes behind the orion can be seen a few dozen coffin-sized containers of plain duranium.

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon smiles pleasantly enough. "This one is Captain Ra'jiradh, and with this one is the Officer Aster. On behalf of the Federation, Ra'jiradh extends gratitude for the repatriation of these bodies."

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon bows to Azatsinae Metraldaron.

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes: Qapla', Ra'jiradh!

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes salutes Ra'jiradh with respect.

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes: You are free to take posession of them, Captain. From the state of things, they died with honor.

Nethali@Quaen: "From th' state o' things? ..what, you pick 'em outta wreckage or sommat? What sector? When?"

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon attempts to mimic the Klingon salute, though his interpretation leaves a little to be desired. He spares a glance over his shoulder to Nethali that briefly twists into a cautionary glare before

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: turning his smile back to the Orion.

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes: "This sector, and less than a day ago. The wreckage had already been picked clean by looters of anything else of significance."

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: "Starfleet would appreciate any additional information that may assist in the identification of the bodies. The names of vessels, perhaps?"

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes shrugs. "I'm afraid I didn't conduct an investigation. However, I'll be more than happy to pass the request on to my superriors. Perhaps they might have additional leades."

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: "Of course, that is acceptable. If there are no objections, then, the Officer Aster may commence tagging the containers for transport?"

Nethali@Quaen tromps towards the duranium coffins without waiting for the Orion's leave.

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon speaks aside to Aza while watching Nethali work. "If it will pardon this one's saying, this is an exceptional circumstance, yes? Ra'jiradh has not heard of any other instances of Klingon officers

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: displaying such consideration for the bodies of their adversaries."

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes smirks at the comment and returns with her own, hushed reply. "While I may be of the Empire, I am not Klingon. To mistake one for the other can lead to a fatal misunderstanding in the wrong ."

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes: circumstances."

Nethali@Quaen affixes the adhesive tag-chip to the side of the first coffin, heavy hand causing a metallic echo as she pats on her way standing. "Welcome home. We'll take care o' yers."

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: "Of course, Ra'jiradh begs its pardon. When this one says 'Klingon officers' what he means to say is... officers of the Klingon Defence Force?"

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: Yes!

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon agrees.

Nethali@Quaen moves to the next, giving it the same ritual welcome. Thump-thump. "Welcome 'ome."

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes smiles sweetly. "The Klingons give little thought to physical remains. Their system holds the body to be an empty shell after death. I, on the other hand, know that not everyone feels the same,

Nethali@Quaen | Tha-bump-thump. The woman vaults this coffin to the next. "Y'got that right. Thanks, miss."

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes: including various constituent races of the KDF. I'm just a little more polite than others might be. War may be good for business, but so can Peace."

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: "This is a sentiment Ra'jiradh understands. It is this one's hope that this war will find its end in the near future. Gestures such as these can only lead to such ends, perhaps?"

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes shrugs again. "This? It's just good business. It will take more than my singular action to prompt for peace, regardless of who is in charge of what."

Nethali@Quaen: "What business is that'n then?" Thump-thump. "Welcome 'ome."

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: "A good deed, paid forward, can lead to miraculous things. That is what Ra'jiradh believes."

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes glances over to Nethali. "I am a scientist, not a warrior. Conflict consumes those resources I can better utilize for my research." She looks back to Ra'jiradh. "Perhaps it will be as you

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes: believe."

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: "Ra'jiradh supposes that time will tell." He pauses for a span of a breath, then calls across the room, "Officer Aster, while Ra'jiradh appreciates the sentiment behind its... ritual, he thinks it

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: would be preferable to complete the task in a timely fashion so as not to delay our generous benefactor, yes?"

Nethali@Quaen: "Roight-o, cap." The woman hastens the entire process, rather than cull it entirely, taking to a leap-frog vault to get to the next. Thump-thump, "Welcome 'ome." Tha-dumpthumpthump. Thumpthump.

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes: "Fear not, Captain," Azatsinae replies. "The Dilithium I used to pay for this cargo hold will last well into tommorow. We have time to spare."

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Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: "Ah, this is so. Unfortunately, this one and this one's ship are on a time budget. It only assumed this was the case for you as well."

Nethali@Quaen: "Tha'ss th' last, Cap."

Nethali@Quaen gives the final one a triumphant double pat.

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: "Thank you, Officer Aster." A badgetap. "Ra'jiradh to Armitage. Cargo is tagged for transport, energize when ready." An acknowleged comes through from the other end, and shortly after the cannisters

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: | dematerialize.

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Nethali@Quaen: Didja DC, D?

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes: Newp.

Nethali@Quaen: ..did you miss Raj's pose? o_o

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes: Figured y'all would have some last words before departing :d

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: Oh, well then. X)

Nethali@Quaen: But take-turn rights, it was yer pose!

Nethali@Quaen resumes shadowing the caitian.

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon gives a moment for the air to settle, then turns to Aza again. "Again, it extends its gratitude for the Federation and the families of the departed. Ra'jiradh wishes it safe travels and longevity."

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes: Qapla'!

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes performs a traditional Klingon salute.

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: Qapla', Azatsinae Metraldaron!

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon salutes Azatsinae Metraldaron with respect.

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon 's renditioni is still... less than flawless.

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes: "If there's nothing else, I have an account to settle with a miserly ferengi .... "

Nethali@Quaen doesn't even try-- she just tosses off a casual two-fingered touch to her temple and off. Lazy man's salute.

Azatsinae Metraldaron@Wraeth-Nytes says as she fingers the handle of her energy whip on her belt.

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon glances over his shoulder to Nethali as if she might have some sense of whether or not they're finished, then gives the Orion a nod. "Ah, good luck with that, ha ha. We shall be on our way."

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon: Yes!

Ra'jiradh@worfgagnon agrees.