Incident Report: Hull Integrity Breached

To: CAPT Dmitri Konieczko (@Konieczko)
From: Unknown.User
Subj: Incident Report: Hull Integrity Breached

You don’t like me, and I don’t like you. But now our backs are against the wall and so is the Empire. Perim is bringing about changes that directly conflict with you. Not just with your views, but you. First she’s going to take your slaves. Once she wins and her opposition is crushed, you’ll be a thorn in her side. Replacable. Expendable. Who knows, maybe one of the slaves she put into a uniform will be wearing captain’s bars in their (your) new office?

You don’t have to like me to understand this: our interests align. The only one who can save you from Perim now is me.

If you’re interested in what I have to say, mark your door with red chalk and await my representative.



To: Unknown.User
CC: -/-
From: CAPT Konieczko, D.
Subj: RE: Incident Report: Hull Integrity Breached

I don’t even know who you are. So tell me, how am I to be concerned with your word? How am I to be ensured of your so called protection? It is a rat that operates in the shadows, slinking from room to room to find it’s cheese. As a Terran, I announce myself and proclaim my allegiences to the best interest of this Empire.

You may rest assured that the security of MY battle station is assured. The security of my Terran Empire is guaranteed.

Captain Dmitri Konieczko
Commanding Officer
Battlestation Argo