Incident Report: Valore's Risian Chair Experience

Filed By:
LT Loxton, N

On Call Response


CALLED IN BY LT CMDR Valore. (Quite Vocally, I might add)


While on Risa, Lieutenant Jodi Izly and myself were witness too and participated in an incident involving Captain Valencia and Lieutenant Commander Valore. Valencia had engaged her floater and, most definitely without Valore’s consent, lifted her and her chair high up over the outer promenade bar. Commander Valore was extremely distressed and fortunately no serious injuries befell either party. If Jodi and myself were not present, something more serious could have occurred, despite the Captain’s assurances that it would not. As we were not on Deep Space 13 and I have no jurisdiction, I can do nothing but file this report.

I shall make the recommendation that Captain Valencia be spoken to by her superiors regarding her flagrant disregard for safety and the lives of her fellow officers.


  • LT CMDR Valore
  • LT Izly
  • CAPT. Valencia

OOC This report is part of Why Valore Hates Risa and why she will now probably avoid chairs with balloons tied to them due to PTSD.


To: USS Endeavour/Command
CC: 38th/MACO-Admin
From: LCDR Blake, K.
Subj: FW: Security Report 87567.6-105

To whom it may concern,

Please find attached this submitted report concerning a member of the Endeavour’s MACO detachment. I haven’t been contacted by Risian authorities in relation to this report, so I can only assume the Lieutenant Commander has not pressed charges against Captain Valencia with the local authorities.

As I am not attending Risa this year for leave I am unaware of the circumstances surrounding at the location thus I must hand this report over to officers I believe to be on location for suitable action.

Kind regards,

Lieutenant Commander Kara Blake
Chief Security Officer
Deep Space 13