Intelligence Files -Nnuria

Klingon Defense Force Operatives - Nnuria

Leaked Photo

Species: Orion
Date of Birth: unknown
Place of Birth: Rigel VII
Relatives: confirmed: two sisters, one brother. multiple unconfirmed.
Marital Status: not applicable
Offspring: unknown
Affiliations: Orion Syndicate, Klingon Defense Force, Strike Force Kargas
Rank: Alasho (Shodar unconfirmed), Captain, Marauder
Current Assignment: Strike Force Kargas
Record: Multiple counts of piracy as defined by galactic law, the Khitomer Accords, and Federation law.
Status: at large, extremely dangerous

Any information Starfleet Intelligence has acquired concerning Nnuria should be considered potentially erroneous due to the intricate web of misinformation she has created in her rise to power within multiple organizations. It is confirmed that Nnuria was the daughter of a Shodar within the Orion Syndicate and was sold into slavery at an early age for unknown reasons. The first confirmed Federation encounter with Nnuria occurred during a hostage situation on [classified] where she identified herself to the Federation captives as subservient to the Orion Matron Helesha. During the rescue operation of those Federation captives, Matron Helesha and her followers were killed. However Nnuria and a few other 'slaves' vanished along with sensitive Federation intelligence. Pursuit of these fugitives resulted in the discovery of one dead body after another. In the end, the only member of Matron Helesha's assault force unaccounted for was Nnuria. The [classified] information was never recovered.

Multiple unconfirmed sightings and rumors began to spread concerning Nnuria over the next several years, including multiple acts of piracy and slavery towards non-KDF allied systems. Among these is the rumor Nnuria arranged the murder of her own parents and at least two other siblings. Nnuria has had interactions with Klingon Imperial Intelligence, Starfleet Intelligence, Tal Shiar, Obsidian Order, and a variety of other intelligence organizations during her rise to power, often leaving a trail of corpses in her wake.

Destruction of U.S.S. Lennin

Security Footage from Raid

Last known image of Federal Agent Preir

Technologically, Nnuria has demonstrated extraordinary engineering proficiency and an unhealthy affinity for biotech and techno-organic research. It is rumored she has studied (or stolen) enough Borg- and Undine-related technology from various factions to become an expert on both species.

Psychologically, Nnuria is deceptively multilayered. She can be best described as devious and cunningly ruthless. She is a master actor and tactician, able to wield words and weapons with equal lethality. Nnuria is emotionless, has no tolerance for incompetence, and punishes failure quickly and brutally. She motivates through diplomacy and fear, always remaining focused on her objective. Most of all, Nnuria is dangerously patient and observant of her surroundings. She has survived three assassination attempts and several attempts at capture that we know.

On the flip side, to those whom she considers allies or who have shown her unquestionable loyalty, she can be pleasant to deal with. She can show kindness, generosity, and even affection. This is especially true towards fellow Orions, whom she has shown a preference towards and who make up her inner circle. The one thing Nnuria does not tolerate is betrayal. The one (and only) Federation undercover operative able to get near her inner circle was found brutally butchered a few days later, along with several associates.

Orion agent who leaked Nnuria photo

Latest rumors place Nnuria within the ranks of Task Force Kargas. What her exact motivation is for aiding this group is not known. But her mere presence and potential alliance with Task Force Kargas presents a significant escalation of danger to the sector.

End of Record