Intelligence Report: Nuzoth and Asaid

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After Action Report


KREKT SYSTEM OVERVIEW The Krekt System is located in the Ba'aja Sector. From the star, there are five planets leading out. These are, Yekt, Mekt (colonised), Vrekt (colonised), Krekt Prime (colonised and the hub of the system), and Nekt. There is an asteroid belt, and from there, four more planets, Noli, Vosi, Jint, and Vonia, all with colonies.

The Krekt System is in the centre of important trade routes in the area. It is close to the Heu System, allowing for safe and unhindered travel from system to system.

BACKGROUND The Nuzoth and the Asaid, are two species that reside in the Ba’aja Sector of the Beta Quadrant. Both became warp-capable in the early 2300s. Historically, the Nuzoth hail from the Krekt System, whilst the Asaid hail from the neighbouring system, the Heu system. There was no recorded enmity between the two species. A third power in the region, the Mev’Scotis, invaded the Krekt System in 2327, committing genocide and killing over 80% of the Nuzoth in the galaxy; the only survivors were those on colonies outside the system. From that point on, the Nuzoth were refugees, gaining Federation refugee status in 2330.

The Mev’Scotis then attempted to invade the Heu System, though this attack failed after a brave resistance by the Asaid. The Asaid then attacked and colonised the Krekt System after fighting back against the Mev’Scotis. It is important to note that many Nuzoth had immigrated to the Asaid and fought as part of the Asaid military. The Asaid then began a systematic liberation of all systems under Mev’Scotis control, committing genocide of the Mev’Scotis. By 2343, all the Mev’Scotis had been hunted down and killed. Many of the systems in the sector that the Asaid liberated ended up joining the Asaid, creating the Asaid Union in 2343, which included the Krekt System as a core system within the Union. The Krekt System at this time was fully occupied by the Asaid.

From there, the Asaid have managed and controlled the galactic south east portion of the sector, keeping peace and order as well as promoting trade and unity amongst the systems there. In 2361, the Asaid made first contact with the Federation and very quickly became a key Federation ally, going so far as to help Federation colonists in the region. To this day, the Asaid are a key component in facilitating law, order, and trade in the sector.

Following the end of the Iconian war, many colonies could not support Federation refugees. The Nuzoth felt ostracised and began to clamour to return to their native home. When the Asaid invited the refugees from the Iconian War into their borders, many Nuzoth felt that this was a sign that they should return home in the Krekt System. Throughout the late 2300s, there was a growing movement of Nuzoth returning to the Krekt System, but this really took off during the Iconian War. To curb migration and to keep the peace, the Asaid put a limit on incoming Nuzoth, trying to spread their population out all over the Asaid Union. They also instituted several restrictions on recently immigrated Nuzoth, who were using the growing population in the planets in the system to sway government policy in favour of them. In 2401, the Nuzoth Independence Party (NIP), before a fringe organisation, won their first-ever seat in the Krekt System government and from there they grew in number in subsequent elections.

Various underground independence movements were beginning to grow in this time and late 2415, almost daily terrorist attacks on Krekt Prime forced the Asaid to crack down hard.

To counter these protests, the Asaid Union tabled a motion to limit the powers of the Krekt System government. Though the NIP had wide support, they only had control over three of the seven occupied planets in the system. On the second planet, the NIP filibustered the motion, leading to a hung vote. The Asaid Union vetoed the vote and passed a resolution to break the tie. NIP members on all planets protested and on Krekt Prime, the NIP themselves blocked elected officials from taking their seats, taking control and shutting the government down. They then formed their own government and declared the Nuzoth independent, forming the Nuzoth Republic on March 2416.
POST INDEPENDENCE From March, the Nuzoth Republic, using the underground insurgents and joined by various elements of the army on Krekt Prime, solidified their hold on the planet. By April, Krekt Prime was clear of Asaid forces. From then, the republic attempted to overthrow the government in other planets, but this was met with varying success. By October, the Asaid and Nuzoth called a truce. The Nuzoth controlled the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th planets in the system.

This peace allowed for the Nuzoth to regroup and rearm, and in January of the following year, the Nuzoth launched an attack of the Asaid shipyards in an effort to cripple Asaid influence in the system. This was a total victory for the Nuzoth and paved the way for the Nuzoth to begin invasions on the 7th and 8th planets in the system. The Asaid called for the Federation to help intervene; Ambassador Jinsoo was assigned and he managed to mediate a ceasefire, but not before the Nuzoth had razed most of the 8th planet.

There was talk of a lasting peace, as a year passed by without armed conflict, but all that changed in October 2417 when the Nuzoth launched another attack, this time successfully pushing the Asaid from the system entirely. The Federation once again mediated a ceasefire agreement, which lasted ten days before the Asaid combined their forces and pushed into the system. The combined Asaid army overwhelmed the Nuzoth forces, who had been lead to believe that the Asaid were not a powerful threat. The Asaid pushed the Nuzoth back to the fourth planet, blockading the Nuzoth capital and preparing for a full assault. This time, pressure from the Federation called for a month long conference that ended with a peace settlement and a ceasefire line at the asteroid belt in March 2419.

However, a few months later, in May, the Asaid launched a preemptive attack, citing intelligence of a Nuzoth attempt to break the ceasefire. There was horrendous fighting on Krekt Prime which left many dead. The Federation scrambled to place another ceasefire but this also failed to last as the Nuzoth, angry at the Asaid attack, launched an attack to regain the fifth, sixth, and seventh planets in the system. Ambassador Jinsoo was able to reach another agreement, which was almost derailed after the Asaid ambassadors hit a mine they claimed to be from the Nuzoth.

In 2420, with intelligence stating that both sides seemed to be on the verge of war once more, the 38th Fleet is assigned to assist in the peace process.


Persons of Note



(pronounced: lie-SI-ra)

Lead Ambassador
Office of the President

Addressed as: Ambassador Lysyra


A stern lady, with long black hair. Her face shows some sign of age. The Asaid are similar to humans, though they are slightly taller and their skin is slightly thicker. The lady is just a bit smaller than Nimitz. She has a dark, almost middle eastern skin tone, though her eyes are golden. She speaks with a pressed tone.

Amarti Lysyra, 67, became the lead Ambassador for the Asaid in 2413. She has previously acted as a member of the Asaid Senate for the state of Jorrow on the Asaid homeworld.

She did not achieve anything of note during her six terms as a senator; usually voting along her left wing party lines. She voted for the wider integration of Nuzoth to Asaid society.

Since becoming an ambassador in 2401, she was instrumental in building Federation-Asaid relations. It is worth noting that she has previously said that the Asaid should aim to join the Federation, but she has since retracted that statement.

She has no known ambition for upward movement. She has been married three times. Her first marriage, to an Asaid painter, Boro Misk, ended in a divorce after two years. Her second marriage to an Asaid policeman, Limo Beni ended in 2408 after his death during a shootout on Krekt Prime. Her current marriage is to a Bajoran Vedek, Jirze Shajo whom she married when he visited the Asaid during a pilgrimage. She has two children from the first marriage.


Verdun Polmi
(pronounced: POL-mi)

Office of the Prime Minister

Addressed as: Ambassador Polmi


Upon first glance, there is no difference between the Nuzoth and the Asaid. However, a more detailed analysis shows more distict differences. The Nuzoth have a more pronounced nose, with nostrils that flare out slightly. Their ear lobes all extend downwards slightly. Their pupils are an upside-down triangle, and all have dark coloured irises. Polmi is a man who looks fairly young. He is halfway between Rose and Nimitz’s height. He has dark green hair that curls up behind his ears, with bangs extending down his forehead. He speaks with a nasally Snape-like tone.

Verdun Polmi, 52, served as a member of the Asaid Special Forces from 2386 to 2402. He rose to the rank of Captain. He had a respectable, but unremarkable career. Following this, he became a businessman, selling textiles from his home on the Asaid homeworld.

Following the Nuzoth rebellion and establishment of a Nuzoth government on Krekt Prime in 2416, Polmi did not migrate, not believing that the government would survive. However, after the second war in 2417, and the Nuzoth Right to Return Law, Polmi moved.

He continued his business on Krekt and attempted to run for a position on the Nuzoth parliament without success. During the 2419 war, Polmi was chosen to act as a military advisor. Due to his good work here, he was moved to the diplomatic corps, where he primarily deals with Asaid Nuzoth diplomacy.

He is an advocate of a peace settlement between the Asaid and the Nuzoth, but will not compromise Nuzoth security and safety.

He is married and has three children. His wife is an Asaid, Viona Juypi who resides with him on Krekt Prime.