Investigate possible hidden starbase

Briefing: Follow up on a report of a possible hidden base of Dominion origin.


GM / OOC Contact: @dienonychus/@osi#6269

IC Location: Minas Korva sector

OOC Requirements: At least one Captain character and vessel required

OOC Notes: This is a followup in regards to this report written by Jekal.
moon in question (plus relevant background stuff)
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It really depends on what time people are available. But if it's an hour or so before beta or a weekend I can come with Kero and the Troi.

However if another Captain can make it for a time that is better suited for the people involved I can drop out.
There is a when? The Endymion is a disposition :d
Beta+3 usually works for me on most weekdays, and on weekends I'm pretty free whenever. I'm looking for a group of 2-4 people to run this with, though more is always welcomed.
Beta +3 is midnight for me I believe. I can't make that on weekdays. Weekends I am freer, especially on Friday night and all day Saturday.

I'd say see who you get. But if you can wait for the weekend, I'd like to attend. If not, no hard feelings, just go with who can be around when you are.
Tell a day and I will try to be here :d For now, if not busy with something else, I'm pretty free :d
I would be free most weekends for this or any Tuesday/Wednesday. But if we have a date I will see if I can make it!
Sorry all for not putting this on yet! Getting stuff prepared to make this worth your time. I'll update once everything's good to go.
I can be there :)
If Dallas gets cleared, I could see this being interesting <.<
If it is next weekend I could be available. This weekend I will be busy most likely.
If it is next weekend I could be available. This weekend I will be busy most likely.

I just posted to let people know it's still happening but it's not ready. I decided to take some time and make something more worthwhile for it.
I could participate as well.
Many apologies for delaying this, but I'm finally able to run it! Looking to run it at gamma next weekend.
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