Investigation - Admiral Ashkeph

Stardate 93579.1

TO DS13/Command; DS13/Department Heads; 38th/Squadron CO's

SUBJ Investigation - Admiral Ashkeph

I'm sure you're all aware of the most recent developments regarding Admiral Ashkeph. A formal investigation will be launched shortly. I'll be speaking to most, if not all of you, over the coming days and weeks. It'll require all our coordination to piece together the Admiral's motivations and methods, but I fully intend to report back to Federation command with a complete picture of events. I'd like to clear several things up before that investigation begins. Firstly, any rumors or speculation that those on the Vanguard, Axiom, or San Jacinto will be charged or otherwise held accountable are false. Please ensure that word is spread to your respective departments and commands. Second, it's entirely plausible that members of the fleet aided the Admiral under orders, or unwittingly. So long as those actions were not committed knowingly and with criminal intent no charges will be brought against them. The aim of this investigation is not one of blame. I'd like a timeline of the Admiral's actions, as well as a look at her motivations. In addition to that I'll need your help to ensure that no other surprises are on the horizon. I don't have any reason to believe there will be, but we'll be looking regardless. I appreciate your cooperation.

Commander Esca Aloran
Judge Advocate, 38th Fleet
Stardate 93581.1
Security Level 2: Restricted
TO CMDR Aloran
CC CAPT Thiessen
SUBJ. Investigation - Admiral Ashkeph

CMDR Aloran,

To facilitate your investigation, I attach the communiques of the past week, including the orders I received and those which I issued in response. I have also declassified my private log of these events, and attach that entry for your perusal.

If there is any additional way that I can assist in furthering your investigation, you have only to ask.

Commander Caspius
Executive Officer, Deep Space 13

- Ba'aja Sector Patrol orders
- Departure of Irreo Children orders
- Project Roechalcagh Staging Area request
- Officer Log: Caspius (Stardate 93579.4)
Stardate 93580.9

Level 1: Open
TO DS13/Command; DS13/Department Heads; 38th/Squadron CO's
CC 38th/JAG
FROM CMDR Konieczko M.

SUBJ RE: Investigation - Admiral Ashkeph


My office has been ordered to allow GNN to conduct interviews surrounding this matter, to share openly with their journalist, including the facts of the matter, from Echomet's first application to the Federation, to the events surrounding Ashkeph's violations, and the subsequent investigation into the affair. We've been authorized to share any connected documentation related to these events, and direct their journalist to the appropriate personnel to ensure that we give GNN a full accounting of the timeline, and all facts known related to Ashkeph's planning. If GNN's journalist asks you a question related to this, you are to answer it openly and honestly.

This Command is offering GNN an exclusive in this matter, and it is the directive of this command that we provide them with as transparent and accurate an accounting of the facts as we can. Thank you for cooperating with my office in this matter, it's appreciated.

Be well,

Commander Mathilda Konieczko
Public Affairs Officer, 38th Fleet
Stardate 93581.9

TO CMDR. Aloran
CC 38th/JAG
FROM CAPT. Konieczko, D.
SUBJ RE: Investigation - Admiral Ashkeph


Currently I and by extension the U.S.S. Vanguard are not to embark on any patrols until further notice, that I can only hope and assume is the point that I am definitively cleared by JAG. However, not to push your schedule I will remain available to meet and interview at your convenience. Additionally I am prepared to assist in whatever manner I can. I can gather statements from my bridge crew that were on duty at the time of the mission, as well as any visual and audio recordings we have.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Captain Dmitri R. Konieczko
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Vanguard
Taurus Squadron C.O.