Invitation to Lunch

To: WCDR Miral (@Aev)
From: LCDR Valore
Subj: Invitation to Lunch

Good day Wing Commander,

Given the weight of your position and duties, I hope I am not troubling you. I thought to contact you given recent occurrences. I have, in my extended social circle, a Romulan who came to the Federation as a small child and now serves as an ensign in DS13 Medical. After both some interaction from Republic officers and suggested cultural and linguistic classes at the Annex, I thought now would be an opportune time to introduce her to Romulans of greater stature.

It has occurred to me that we have not had lunch together for quite some time. If you would permit me to make such an offer, I would invite you to do so at an appropriate venue where I may then introduce the ensign to you. I would opine that it would be an agreeable cultural exchange in which she would feel both honored and humbled to meet you.

Furthermore, as to engage in contemporary productivity, we can also discuss the instability occurring to the galactic east of us and potential courses of action should it be of interest to you and pertinent to any ongoing concerns.

Thank you for your time, Wing Commander Miral.

LCDR Valore
Office of the Admiralty


To: LCDR Valore
From: WCDR Miral
Subj: Invitation to Lunch

Lieutenant Commander,

As evidenced by the delay in my reply, the current political upheaval within the Klingon Empire demands much of my schedule. Social appointments such as you proposed are off the table until this situation is resolved.

I am, however, open to such a meeting in the future. Please reach out again once the upheaval in the Empire has subsided.

Wing Commander Miral
JSI Commander - Aldebaran