Jarus Vrexx

Rank: Captain
Command: USS Horizon's Reach
Service record: USS Nautilus, Conn Officer; USS Liberty, Conn Officer, transfer to Engineering, promotion to Department Head; USS Hero, Tactical Officer, promotion to XO; USS Ranger, Captain, first command; USS Saga, second command; USS Horizon's Reach, current command.

Jarus was a rising star on both Trill and in Star Fleet Academy. He is a talented telepath, brillant tactician and his thesis on warp theory was well recieved throughout the academic community and has become standard reference at Star Fleet Academy, the Trill Science Ministry as well as the Vulcan Science Academy. It was thought Jarus was a sure choice to recieve a symbiont.

However the young Trill believed in pushing his body as hard as his mind. He was often in a holodeck with the saftey protocols set dangerously low re-enacting the most brutal combat engagements and spent many days surviving in the wilds of any planet he visited or scaling the side of the most challenging mountains. These activities were ruled "reckless" by the Symbiont Commision field docent assigned to Jarus and he was passed over.

It was at his graduation from the Academy that the young Trill met Admiral Aderia Vrexx, a joined Trill whose symboint had a long history of Starfleet service. The Admiral took an immediate liking to the young man and spent many hours discussing the young Trill's philosophies and ideals. She became certain that this was the host she wanted when Aderia passed. Vrexx used her substantial influence and had the Commission reverse its decision. Shortly after Jarus transferred to the Liberty he was contacted by the Symbiont Commission that Aderia was ready to pass Vrexx to him.

After the Academy Jarus entered into a new tactical combat training program under the command of Ta'urus, a Vulcan Captain. Ta'urus thought it logical that to battle the Borg most efficiently it was necessary for a combat unit to be able to operate as unified as possible. To this end Ta'urus trained telepaths to effectively use their talents to communicate swiftly with others of their combat unit. Many memebers of Jarus' crew were selected from this program.

Jarus Vrexx is a good natured and friendly when met in social environments. His demeanor becomes deadly serious when in command.

Prior Vrexx hosts
Ozell Vrexx: 2158-2198
Female, Opera singer, performer and songwriter.
Talent for visual arts, her paintings were never celebrated as much as her singing.
Mother to one child who died early. Later Vrexx hosts tended to have one or more children, likely because of Ozell’s loss.
Kwana Vrexx: 2198-2282
Diplomat, primarily to Tellar
Mother to 2 children
Vigo Vrexx: 2282-2327
Merchant, began career with one trading vessel but built a large trading corporation still in operation today that services over 40 planets and colonies.
Vigo was a jack-of-all-trades early in his career, serving as everything from trader, transporter, mercenary, quick-fix engineer and anything else he could find to turn a cred. he was also rumored to be a
Vigo was married three times; these marriages produced 5 children.
Aderia Vrexx: 2327-2401
Starfleet tactical officer, rank of Vice Admiral prior to retirement.
Aderia met Jarus while attending an Academy event as an honored guest. Impressed by the young man’s performance she arranged a meeting to discuss his candidacy as a host. She was able to convince the cadet
to apply to the Symbiont Commission and used her considerable influence to overturn their denial of candidacy.
Aderia was a mother to 4 children who in turn have provided her with 7 grandchildren. Jarus sometimes looks up what he can concerning these relatives but has never met one.