Joint Training Exercises

To: 38th.All
From: VADM Aluk

Subj: Joint Training Exercises

38th Fleet,

We have been chosen to host joint training exercises with the Klingon Defense Force. A task force from the 5th Defense Fleet is scheduled to arrive at DS13 within 72 hours. I trust all officers and crew will extend our allies the courtesy they are afforded.

Select vessels of the 38th and JSI will receive orders to return to DS13 to participate in the exercises. Throughout the week DS13 Shipyard will be temporarily fitting all participating vessels with additional sensor units and low-power laser emitters.

A command briefing will be held on stardate 98635.2. The wargames exercises will begin on stardate 98637.5

Vice Admiral Aluk
Commanding Officer,
38th Fleet ‘Argo’


To: 38th.All; Task Force Hurq Mevik;
From: VADM Aluk

Subj: Update: Joint Training Exercises

38th Fleet and guests,

Find attached a transcript of this evening’s command briefing and make note of the included summary.

All simulated actions should be performed with the highest possible fidelity, simulating only those actions that would cause damage or injury. For example, a boarding party should actually be transported to your target vessel, but should not engage in personal combat.

The Joint Training Exercises will consist of 12 individual scenarios, detailed below.

  • Alpha Shift // Scenario 1

  • Alpha Shift // Scenario 2

Alpha Shift // Scenario 3

As part of a coordinated invasion, Team A has been tasked with escorting a planetary invasion force consisting of three troop transports to the surface of V774 Tau IV. Team B are the standing system defense force and are tasked with preventing the invasion.


Team A
USS Isandlwana
IKS Maht-V’o
USS SunTzu
Transport 1
Transport 2
Transport 3

Team B
USS Asimov
USS October
USS Peacecraft
IKS Qul Cha’bIp

Team A:
No enemy forces remain AND at least one troop transport has reached the surface.
Three troop transports have reached the surface.

Team B: No troop transports remain AND at least one defender remains.

OOC This battle will take place off-screen. An AAR will be posted after the Wargames event has concluded.

  • Alpha Shift // Scenario 4
Beta Shift // Scenario 5

In order to disrupt Team A’s ability to coordinate in a contested sector, Team B has launched an attack on a subspace comm relay. Team A has dispatched a task force to defend the relay.


Team A
USS Attar
IKS K’mtar
USS MacAlpine
USS Sunrise
Subspace Comm Relay

Team B
USS Cassini
IKS Daramar
RRW D’Ishae
USS Endeavour
IKS Qlb’etlh

Team A: No enemy forces remain; AND Subspace Comm Relay is intact.
Team B: No enemy forces remain; OR Subspace Comm Relay has been destroyed.

OOC This battle will take place on-screen and will be the subject of the Wargames event.

  • Beta Shift // Scenario 6

  • Beta Shift // Scenario 7

  • Beta Shift // Scenario 8

  • Gamma Shift // Scenario 9

  • Gamma Shift // Scenario 10

Gamma Shift // Scenario 11

Team A has been assigned to capture an enemy freighter believed to contain supplies critical to the war effort. Team B is in place as the freighter’s escort


Team A
SS MacGuffin

Team B

Team A: The freighter has been captured AND the freighter has left the battlefield.
Team B:
The freighter has not been captured AND the freighter has left the battlefield.
No enemy forces remain.

OOC This scenario will be used on-screen if anyone is interested in a second event at gamma. If not, it will be conducted off-screen.

  • Gamma Shift // Scenario 12

During the exercises, a specific subspace frequency will be used to facilitate and synchronize simulated actions and results. Please ensure that your comm and computer systems are tuned to this frequency prior to the start of your scenario.

Vice Admiral Aluk
Commanding Officer,
38th Fleet ‘Argo’

//ATTACHMENT// Wargames Subspace Frequency

OOC We will be using a temporary in-game chat channel for space combat emotes during the live event. If you plan to attend or lurk, please join the channel ArgoFleetBattles.

//ATTACHMENT// Command Briefing Log

[8:05] K’Vok moves to the table and pokes the cushy chair, before begrudgingly sitting.

[8:07] Fiona walks along side the table, her walking cane ar her side before she leans it against the table while sitting down

[8:07] Aluk stands near the far end of the table as the others filter in and find positions.

[8:08] Vina slides into the seat at the KDF side of the table, looking down the table at the starfleet officers

[8:09] Vina *leans against the back of the chair at the KDF side of the table

[8:11] Aluk takes his seat, and then speaks up, “Good day. I am Vice Admiral Aluk, Commander of the 38th Fleet. General,” he addresses the Orion, “Starfleet appreciates your participation in these exercises.”

[8:13] [Local] Sadia: nods back Thank You for the invitation, admiral.

[8:18] Aluk proceeds, “Beginning at 0800 hours tomorrow, all participating vessels will deploy to a designated staging area in the V774 Tau System.”

[8:18] [Local] Aluk: “Over the course of the day we will conduct twelve individual exercises, simulating a variety of combat scenarios. DS13 traffic control will coordinate movement in and out of the staging area.”

[8:18] [Local] Aluk: “Each participating starship will be assigned to a single exercise and scenario. The modifications made to each ship will allow a high degree of realism.”

[8:20] [Local] Aluk: “Any unconventional tactics employed should be conducted with similarly high fidelity. For example, a simulated boarding party should actually be transported aboard the target vessel.”

[8:21] [Local] Aluk: “Command will monitor for such occurrences and relay the simulated outcomes as appropriate. Please direct your crews not to engage in actual personal combat.”

[8:23] [Local] Aluk: “Each participating ship will be provided with a predefined emergency frequency.”

[8:23] [Local] Sadia: grins And here I thought you were threatening me with a good time. nods affirmatively I will make sure all participating KDF vessels are aware of this restriction.

[8:23] [Local] Aluk: “In the event of an unexpected condition during the exercises, any ship may transmit on that frequency to halt the simulation.”

[8:24] [Local] Aluk: “All other ships are expected to respect such a signal and render whatever actual aid is required.”

[8:25] Aluk pauses here. “Are there any questions before we discuss the individual scenarios?”

[8:26] [Local] Sam: “The sides will be mixed, is that correct?”

[8:26] K’Vok folds his arms, producing that characteristic leather squeaking sound.

[8:27] Aluk nods once to Sam, “Each scenario will involve two teams of starships. Each team will contain at least one vessel from the 38th and at least one vessel from Hurq Mevik.”

[8:28] Sam nods.

[8:29] [Local] Tellara: I presume the teams will have a mix of the various capabilities as well, so no team has a significant advantage?

[8:30] [Local] Aluk: “The capabilities of each team depends greatly on the scenario. In some cases teams may be deliberately advantaged or disadvantaged.”

[8:31] [Local] Sadia: rises eyebrow Combat is rarely an orderly or fair affair.

[8:32] [Local] Tellara: Perhaps so, General, but in a pre-planned engagement, Starfleet would seek to cover all aspects, much as I assume the KDF would.

[8:34] Aluk is satisfed a reasonable period of time for questions has passed. “Four scenarios will be run at alpha shift. These will revolve around combat in planetary orbit.”

[8:38] [Local] Aluk: “For example, Scenario 3 will involve the starships Sun Tzu, Isandlwana, and Maht-V’o attempting to escort a ground invasion force to the fourth planet in the system. Commander Barron, commanding.”

[8:39] [Local] Aluk: “Starships October, Peacecraft, Qual Cha’bIp, and Asimov will defend. Captain Morton, commanding.”

[8:40] Barron hears his name being called, and nodds in acknoladgement

[8:42] Aluk proceeds, “At beta shift, four scenarios involving spaceborne objectives will be conducted. A number of target objects have been pre-placed throughout the system to serve as targets.”

[8:43] [Local] Aluk: “For example, Scenario 5 will involve starships Daramar, Endeavour, Qlb’etlh, D’Ishae and Cassini attempting to destroy a subspace comm relay.”

[8:43] Aluk looks down the table, “General Cynis will command the attackers.”

[8:44] Tellara nods along with her ship name being called out.

[8:44] [Local] Aluk: “They will be opposed by starships MacAlpine, Sunrise, K’mtar, and Attar. Captain Skye will command the defenders.”

[8:45] Fiona nods at the mention of the MA and her being in command

[8:45] K’Vok grunts, looking to Sadia. “I am certain you will die with simulated honor, General!”

[8:46] [Local] Sadia: chuckles I will do my best to disappoint you, Captain!

[8:47] [Local] Aluk: “The remaining scenarios involve convoy escort and will be conducted at gamma shift. Any overflow or replays for interrupted exercises will occur at gamma as well.”

[8:49] [Local] Aluk: “Questions.”

[8:50] Barron Shakes his head, No sir.

[8:52] [Local] Sadia: leans back in her chair, waiting for a bit for the comrades to talk You were sufficiently clear, admiral.

[8:54] [Local] Roh’Khan: We shall simulate the deaths of our opposition gloriously!

[8:55] Aluk adds one final point, “A subspace frequency will be provided for each exercise to allow for transmission of simulated combat data.”

[8:56] [Local] Aluk: “The relevant frequencies and full scenario details are being transmitted to all participating vessels as we speak.”

[9:02] Aluk pushes back and stands from his chair, “This briefing is now concluded. Thank you for your attention.”

[9:02] [Local] Sadia: “Excellent. Timely and proper preparation are half the victory.”