July 17: Verdes Sigma Viewing

Prelude: The Verdes Sigma system is a small uninhabited system that lies close to DS13. A subspace buoy placed there during the Iconan war has detected that the star is prepared to go supernova and has only days until its final moments. Captain Parsons has volunteered to take several Federation scientists to watch the star go super nova. Because of the star's unusually large size this proves to be a rare opportunity to study a star that is quickly decaying.

When: July 16, 2017 5PM CST July 17, 2016 @ beta+2
Where: The bridge of the USS San Jacinto
What: Social Event/
Contact: @jeremydajao
For those of you on ArgoTime, this is Beta+2.
Looking forward to this. I'll be there!
I'd like to.. but I am not sure if I will make it. We'll see.
I'll be there! I hope :d
I'll be working. Sorry.
RESCHEDULED TO SUNDAY: Got stuck running a skype meeting for work and won't be able to focus on the event. Apologies to everyone.
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Good for me, I can make it now!
Will still be able to make it at the new time!
This is in less than 2 hours folks!