July 20th, The Defense of Trill, @Gamma

Eliminate hur'q forces on their way to Trill. The new weapon modifications have been installed and just in time for another swarm tracking its way to Trill. Neutralize the threat.... ((We will be using the gamma quadrant battlezone mission "Sinister Gathering" for the opening attack, then in a pass or fail system, the battle will immediately follow with ether the "Break the Circle" or "Planetary Assault"))
When: Friday, July 20th, @Gamma

Audience: Open (Please note that you must be a ship captain to attend)

Event Type: Gameplay

Starting Point: Deep Space Nine Ops

OOC point of contact: @natthaan, @jorathedarnesse

The Fifth and finial Chapter of the DS9 Defense Campaign.
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I will definitely be unable due to moving. I've missed most of this entire event due to stuff surrounding that fact unfortunately, but such is life. Upshot is, I could be missing Risa RP... So... Silver lining?

Also please don't mess up Trill guys, Alina really likes it.
Despite is at gamma, I will surely try to be there. How can David miss the chance to save his home planet?
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I can not attend any events in this story arc, as it is always when I am working.
Count me in
This is today