Just the Beginning

Even though she had the day off, Ven had woken up early and began her morning workout routine on the holodeck which consisted of boxing, a shootout on a football field, then target practice. Thousands of thoughts running through the Romulan’s head having read the distressing reports upon waking up. throwing the towel around her neck as she pulls her sweatpants over her shorts, the doctor deactivates her program and begins to walk out only to be greeted by a Saurian already stepping through the door.

“Ah Lieutenant Sovum, just who I was looking for, on me,” he states doing an about-face and walking at a brisk pace towards the turbo lift.

Ven blinks and starts to follow “Commander Kugito I was just about to take a sonic shower…” she states matching his brisk pace.

As they step into the turbo lift the Lieutenant Commander glances briefly at Ven before handing her a PADD. “Have you read the reports yet?” he questions.

Ven takes the PADD and begins to read the orders to drop all current assignments and nods before inhaling deeply “Yes sir, this morning.” she replies scrolling through briefly.

“Good, then you are up to speed, we are in warp currently to the staging area where you link up briefly with Captain Nimitz for a brief period of time to aid him in a mission regarding civilians,” he states looking straight forward.

Ven blinks and looks up. “But what about any missions with the Endeavour?” she questions.

The Saurian continues to look straightforward and inhales. “You will be returning to your duties aboard the ship once this assignment is over. The chief and captain have already signed off on it.”

Ven looks up from the PADD and nods once more. “If those are my orders, then I will be sure to link up with Captain Nimitz once we arrive,” she states

“Good!,” he replies “In the meantime, we need to get your issued some items, I’m sure Nimitz has this all aboard his ship, but I prefer to send my officers prepared, how were your weapons qualifications?”

“Well I won’t win any marksman awards, but they are passable,” she replies.

Once more the Lieutenant commander nods as the turbolift doors open and they step out. “You will be issued an assault weapon along with your normal phaser, as you are well aware you are not authorized to engage in open combat unless your life is directly in threat or the lives of your patients. Is that clear?” he asks as they come to a stop in front of the armory.

Ven nods “Yes sir it is,” she replies

“Good,” he replies stepping in.

“Follow me Lieutenant, this is just the beginning…”

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