Kacam intel packet, changes to asset access (backdated)

((The following message is approved backdated material, to approximately 20 AUG 2019. Parties to which this material is relevant have already been informed and we have discussed the repercussions.))


Security Level 3: Restricted

SUBJ Kacam intel packet, changes to asset access


I am still working on the rest of the packet, but I felt the first part of the asset's information should be dispersed earlier rather than later.

CMDR North, Alleya
DS13 Intelligence


There has been a development.

As it has been some time since I sent forward the first schematic, I recently attempted to access and download the newest version of the Celdence Project. To be clear, the top secret labs in which these materials are kept are beyond my credentials and it was only through a ruse that I was able to access them the first time. This time, I was summarily caught and denied access. Though I was able to convince my overseers that my attempt to enter was a misunderstanding, it does not seem like they were entirely convinced. As a result, all of the top weapons research groups were re-organized in the following week. There are now two major divisions, but I have found that I am no longer assigned to either.

My utility as an asset has been significantly decreased by this change. I won't be able to provide any more direct materials, nor directly influence their work, but I will continue to monitor their developer progress as best as I am able.