"Kasparov and Kall'air" Chess Club

"Kasparov and Kall'air" Chess Club

With immediate effect,
it's declared open the first chess club of Deep Space 13, named after the great chess players of Earth and Romulus, Kasparov and Kall'air.
The club will your best possibility to test your ability in the delicate art of the chess, the ancient game so diffused among the entire galaxy. The club will be opened for all the different variants of the game, from the classic Earth's version to the most modern one, the Three-Dimension version. The club will organize tournaments and free plays, in the name of the good spirit of competition and agonism.
Everyone could join the club. No entrance fee are expected.

Few are the limitations imposed in the Club:
  • No one will play with computational analysis chess software to increase the chances of victory.
  • No one will use emphatic or telepathic abilities to read the adversary's mind and increase the changes of victory.
  • During the tournaments of the Club, no one will ever refuse to play against another players for motives like racism or hate.

Everyone is invited to join the club. Everyday is a good day to play.

Cdr. Lovoran, Tholoan J'Tak.
Lt. Kermit, James.
Capt. Ashikaga, Asuna.
Ens. Yalul, Christine.
Ens. Yalul, Katherine.
Capt. Quint, Emery.
Lt. H'aja, daughter of Shal.
Cmdr. T'irin of Vulcan.

As previously affirmed in the OOC thread, the "official" platform would be chess.com. It's free and easy to use. Of course, you could use in other private session every other sites or platforms preferred.
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