KDF/Alliance Commanding General | A warrior's Request

To: KDF/Alliance Commanding General
CC: CAPT Bishop (@Sam) (@Valore)
From: RADM Emery Quint
Subj: A warrior’s request

I am the Commanding Officer of the Federation 38’th Fleet known as ‘Argo’ I bid you good tidings on this day. Amid your people I am known as ‘Siege Breaker’ and ‘k’tinga Bane’. I am sad to say I do not know you personally. Though I know enough to respect the position you occupy and the work to obtain it.

Recently operations of my Fleet have encountered information, leading them to believe that the KDF is involved in battles that are not their own. I do not find this to be a fully acceptable belief, however, if there is information to lead them to think such then there is something that we must address. As allies.

In what we call the Ba’aja Sector two rivals have been at odds for years. Recently actions have been taken to resolve this in the most optimal way possible. However, that has been met with set back as someone from outside has been supplying one side with weapons not of their own. This has taken the honor out of the battle and forces the Federation, my officers, to enter the situation. With the impression that the Klingon Empire is forcing the issue.

If the case is true and such ways have returned, then let us discard the puppets and face one another directly. If it is not true, I call on you to make it known, loudly so that even the Nuzoth and Asaid know you do not stand to enter their petty fight!

Should you do this, should you aid us, I will be sure those who would try and taint the KDF’s honor be turned over to you so that you may decide their fate. Let us show those who would try and weaken our great peoples’ unity that our honor is strong.

If not, and this turn to us in battle, may you die with honor.


Rear Admiral Emery Quint
Commanding Officer,
38’th Fleet ‘Argo’


To: RADM Quint, E
CC: CAPT Bishop, S
From: MAJGEN Kotik
Subj: RE: A Warrior’s Request

Siege Breaker,

Your exploits are well known amongst us.

My commanding officer delegated this task to me. Indeed there is no honour in this puppetry. No warrior in the Empire would stoop so low as to turn away from a battle. If there is to be war, then we declare it loud and proud.

We shall root out the parasite that dare drags our honour through the mud. You have our full cooperation.

We may go to war one day, ktinga bane, but today, we remain as allies.


Major General Kotik son of B’Lev, House of E’rok
KDF/Alliance Liaison, Archanis Sector