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I decided to collect everything in one thread, as I have now written a lot of material for Kero and I am going slightly crazy fetching every single story when I try to find a detail I can't quite remember for consistency in subsequent stories. This became very apparent when I filed a certain alt application.

I am linking everything I have written so far but any future story about Kero will be here. My other characters still have their own thing.

Moonlit Shadows

Doza IV Genesis Survey

The Roads We Travel

Defer Not Till Tomorrow
This one might undergo a rewrite.

Many Happy Returns
Chapter I

Melissa lazily looked at her terminal in her apartment in San Francisco. There was a weak glare on the screen caused by the light of the window behind her. A few feet away, on her right, there was a small coffee table in the middle of a couple of armchairs and a sofa. On the table there was a carafe containing hot Raktajino ready for her daughter and some mysterious guest.

Kero was very adamant with not wanting to reveal who this guest was, but she did say that Raktajino was one of their favourite drinks, so Melissa made sure she’d be welcoming and made some. As a human, she didn't necessarily share in that enthusiasm, but then she could simply have her coffee.

She stretched a little, letting her head lean backward a bit, which in turn allowed her brown, straight locks to fall behind the back of her chair.

Melissa wasn't able to see Kero as much as she would have liked, especially from the moment her daughter was given her own command. And with her base of operation being Deep Space 13, organising visits wasn't easy. But the two got along famously and always loved spending the little time they had together. Melissa was Kero's inspiration for becoming a scientist, so there were always plenty of geeky subjects to talk about.

Not seeing her daughter for long periods of time though did highlight a lot more how life changed her. Melissa knew there were things her daughter went through, things she didn't share. But her maturing outlook on life was like a light shining on these secrets. Melissa still knew Kero well enough to know how she tackled things and realised not everything was always well. But she also knew that Kero was exactly where she wanted to be, she was generally happy, she was pursuing her goals in life and anything that came her way was simply a temporary setback. Melissa had confidence in that.

The sound of a transporter interrupted her thoughts. Melissa couldn't help but smile and turned around to see her daughter had finally arrived. Kero returned the smile instantly and took a few steps forward to embrace her mother. She was taller than Melissa and placed her head on her mother's shoulder. They held the moment for a short while.

“It is good to see you, Kero”

“Thank you, it is good to be here again.”

The two women took a step back from each other as they ended the embrace, and Melissa placed a hand on Kero’s cheek. She then looked at the transporter pad.

“Your guest?”

“Oh,” Kero began casually, “Of course.” She tapped her badge.

“Kero here, don't make the lady wait more than you already have.”

Melissa perked an eyebrow, a mannerism she had in common with her daughter. She shot a quick glance at Kero before looking at the new transporter beam.

As the energy dissipated and the new arrival materialised, Kero could feel the hand on her cheek slide slowly away, as her mother took perhaps the slowest and deepest breath of her life before walking quickly towards the Klingon man behind Kero. He held Melissa tightly against him as she burst in tears.

“Terak, my dear husband!”

To be continued
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