Khoal Vaerun: Dossier

Name: Khoal Vaerun
Age: 66
Race: Romulan
Height: 6'
Weight: 140lbs
Build: Whiplash lean
Psionics: Untrained, latent Empath.
Birthplace: Romulus
Rank: Captain of the S.S. Icalus
Status: Trader and Explorer
Ships: The S.S. Icalus, and the Icashan, a Kestrel Runabout for shuttle-deliveries.

Theme Song


Born before the fall of Romulus, Khoal Vaerun was raised and trained onboard the then S.S. Icalus. He worked on almost every station on the ship, from engines to the pilot's chair, learning the ship inside and out, to the point where he probably knew it better than the yard that built it. He proved to be an outgoing, charming man that the crew respected and would listen too. This would prove beneficial, as he was left in charge of a routine supply delivery while his parents stayed home on Romulus to celebrate their anniversary on the day Romulus was destroyed.

Elected as the new captain of the ship, Khoal did the exact same thing he had done for the rest of his life: He traded, saw the galaxy, and made tidy profits, most of which went into rehabilitation efforts for the Romulan people. However, when the Romulan Republic formed, he left the Romulan Star Empire for the Republic. Quietly leaving any of the crew that disagreed with this choice on Risa, he quickly made a few key adjustments to the Icalus, namely upgrading the engines and adding a few weapon banks for self defense. He's now off to explore and trade in places never before seen, and, if that fails, run like blazes and hope he's faster than whatever is chasing.

After a small job for Preafectus Gaius of the JSI, the Icalus has been outfitted with a cloaking device, which Khoal keeps very close to the chest as a trump-escape-card.


Khoal is a very easy-going, relaxed individual. He prefers to sit and discuss solutions to problems, rather than try and fight his way through them. His favored method of diplomacy is to invite other captains for tea and chess, or failing that, a judicious application of the Human aphorism "Prudence is the better part of valor". He dresses for comfort and style, and can often be found in his ready-room, feet on his desk and in the middle of a nap while headed to a destination.
Standard Attire

Khoal is typically garbed in a Targ-leather jacket, which is faded and creased from almost constant wear, though obviously well-maintained, with mid-calf boots also made of Targ-leather. His pants tend to be a tough polymer blend, and fitted for strenuous activity (Not that he ever seems to do much other than sit, read, and nap). He is almost never seen without a faded, threadbare red scarf around his neck, on which can faintly be seen old Romulan prayers for a safe journey and good luck.
Common Gear

Khoal tends to take the minimalist approach to his personal effects. When out on a station like Drozana, he will often keep a simple plasma pistol on hand just in case things get hairy, and reportedly has a knack for overcharging the fuel cell and turning it into a impromptu grenade. In the event that he (horror) needs to go planet-side, Khoal will carry a series of belt pouches with medical supplies, emergency rations, and a spare transponder. Sometimes, rarely, he will also carry a small satchel that contains.... something. Maybe it's for show, maybe not, but whatever is in there he hasn't seen fit to use it.


Khoal has a small emergency transmitter installed into his skull, which sends out an emergency beacon at flucuating frequencies. The signal is strong enough to be picked up several star systems away, though he is loathe to use it, as the process gives him an extreme migraine.
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