Klingon Base in Kinjer System

FROM: Capt. Epworth (USS Empirical)
TO: Deep Space 13 Command
SUBJECT: Klingon installation in Kinjer system

On star date 90070.8 the USS Empirical intercepted transmissions from a remote part of the Kinjer system. Intelligence section derived them to have been sent from a probable Klingon installation in the area. In the course of investigating, Empirical came under heavy fire from a Klingon patrol. A request for aid was sent via subspace, the USS Cavalier and the Big Zam (Affiliation unknown) responded. After transporting engineers to help us repair damage, the two ships helped us clear the patrol and advance farther into the system. Klingon probes were sighted and scanned, a further report will follow if any relevant data is uncovered. After a few more brief encounters with patrols, the squadron located the base, which was built into a rouge asteroid. Bombardment commenced and the base was destroyed. At that time the Cavalier returned to it's normal duties and the Big Zam departed to it's own concerns. This ends the report.

CAPT. Epworth
USS Empirical