Konie's Ride off into the Sunset

Hello Argo,

With Konie’s IC retirement also comes my own retirement from staff.

I joined up back in April of 2016. I had an on again, off again relationship with Star Trek Online and was on my fourth attempt of ‘maybe I’ll stay with this’. Those who pay attention to ArgoChat know the reason why, that I don’t even remotely like the gameplay, I only RP in this game. Argo was the very first fleet that came up in the fleet finder that looked like it was worth applying for. I did and Kermit and Dae recruited me right up.

I was a bit gunshy at first but after my first event I found my stride and was hooked into the group. Through 2018 I was on and roleplaying every or every other day after work and sometimes during work. (It’s okay, I don’t work there anymore. Tell on me, I dare ya!) The RP that I was finding was some of the best RP I had ever had, during that time I was in two different pathfinder groups. On days off, I would finish an 8, 10 or 12 hour on average session and then I would log into STO for my Argo fix because it was so much better than any tabletop I was receiving.

Argo for me has been a very constant rock in my life since joining and it’s membership have served as crutches in times of uncertainty and depression. Only once did I ever fear an early demise as a result of a joke involving Kermit. It was not good, I will not repeat it.

I love you all, and I am not leaving just stepping away for a while. Cullum is still in the fleet and I am still on discord.




Brie will hunt Konie down and kick his ass in a dance off.

Just you wait.

She’s watching you.


Thank you for all of the fantastic memories, Konie. Every rp between Konie and Valore was just fantastic, and it was an enjoyable experience throughout. You provided an opportunity for my character to develop in ways I had not expected. You were very assisting and understanding in helping me discover who Valore is as a person. Most importantly, you were are a good friend. You were there when I needed a friend in this fleet most and I hope that I can return the favor.

I look forward to continuing to roleplay with you in Argo. We talked about this moment some time ago, so any words I have on it have already been exchanged and I don’t think it’s necessary to repeat them here. I am here for you and will be here when you’re ready to get back into the groove of rp, Lieutenant Cullum.


We’ll miss you while you’re away and hope it won’t be for long.