Kooro, Ragka


Kooro, Ragka


USS Appomattox



433251.4 (Apr 01, 2357)
Cardassia Prime
172 lbs


2383 | Graduated Starfleet Academy

2386 | Promoted to Lt. Commander, Became Chief Engineer of the USS Macon

2399 | Promoted to Commander

2400 | Transferred to USS Opportunity

2409 | Promoted to Captain of the USS Opportunity

2413-2415 | Taught Engineering courses at Starfleet Academy

2415 | Transferred to USS Appomattox

2419 | Transferred to 38th Fleet 'Argo'


Ragka Kooro was born on Cardassia Prime in the year 2357. Born to a merchant and a military officer, much of her early life was painted by her preparations to join the Cardassian Tenth Order. Formally inducted and brought into training in 2371, Ragka was trained to be a technician. When the Dominion War broke out, she was rather neutral until her father was killed in action in 2373. In 2374, when the Dominion fully began to occupy Cardassia, she was more than willing to fight against this threat to her people. When the Dominion War ended in 2375, Ragka returned home to find her mother broken, believing she had lost her husband and her only daughter. In the reunion with her mother, she swore that she would avenge her father and honor her mother by creating a better Cardassia than the one that they inhabited at the moment. And as she saw the Starfleet relief shuttles descend from the sky, she knew only one way to set that into motion.

She defected from the Cardassian Union's Tenth Order and sought asylum aboard the Federation vessel 'Spindle', a Nebula-Class starship. After months of begging and proving herself, Captain Cortes agreed to sponsor her application to Starfleet Academy. She passed her entrance exam with flying colors and was admitted into Starfleet Academy in 2375. She trained mostly in engineering, but took a special interest in political sciences as a result of her desire for Cardassia to join the Federation and her aspirations to help shape that new future for her people. She took her first ensign cruise aboard the USS Spindle in 2379, where Captain Cortes inspired her to rise above her station and be the change she wished to see. Taking his suggestion to heart, she enrolled in specialized command training upon her return to the Academy in 2380. In 2382, she served as first officer in her second ensign cruise aboard the USS Capricorn, cementing her skills as a team leader. In 2383, she graduated from Starfleet Academy at the rank of Lieutenant and was assigned to the engineering team aboard the USS Macon, a Cheyenne-Class cruiser.

She remained aboard the Macon for a while, being promoted to Lieutenant Commander and becoming Chief Engineer in 2386 following the promotion and departure of the previous Chief Engineer. She was overall satisfied with her success, but her promise to her mother and the words of Captain Cruise remained deeply ingrained in her head. She continued to work at advancing herself, taking as many challenges as she could find. She also focused at her social skills, doing her best to be known as a dependable and trustworthy Starfleet officer. For her efforts, she was promoted to Commander in 2399, briefly becoming First Officer aboard the Macon until its decommissioning. Immediately, she was transferred to the USS Opportunity, an Intrepid-Class, following a request from their Vulcan captain for a new First Officer in 2400.

She remained First Officer of the Opportunity for some time, refining her command skills under Captain Spalic. In 2403, she befriended Ensign Tycho Anderson. In 2409, the Opportunity was ambushed by Klingons near the Archanis Sector. During the events, Captain Spalic would be killed in action, forcing Ragka to take command of the Opportunity. With some quick thinking, and no small help from Tycho Anderson, she managed to save the Opportunity and escape the ambush. For her deeds, she was promoted to Captain and given permanent command of the Opportunity following its repairs. Later in 2409, she would frequent Romulan space in numerous diplomatic missions and humanitarian relief efforts aboard the Opportunity, getting to know the Romulan people quite well. This would lead to her involvement in the defense of Vulcan in 2410, where the Opportunity served with distinction. She would continue these missions with the Romulan front until her ship was recalled to help combat the Klingons in 2412. In combat, the Opportunity was crippled against an overwhelming force of Klingon combatants. Adrift, with failing life support and no means of propulsion, Ragka gave the order to abandon ship. During the evacuation, her ship was a sitting duck. If it hadn't been for the efforts of Commander Tycho Anderson of the USS Dakota, her ship and its crew would have been lost. Most of her crew would survive, and the Opportunity would be recovered and towed back to Federation Space where it would be formally decommissioned. Ragka would attend the peace conference between the Federation and the Klingon Empire in 2413. That same year, she would become a professor at Starfleet Academy, teaching entry-level engineering courses. Her "retirement" would end in 2415 when conflict with the True Way became evermore common in the Alpha Quadrant. Ragka felt compelled to take part, requesting reinstatement of command to any ship available. Starfleet only had one opening available at the time, an antiquated Excelsior-Class that had been clunking around Starfleet since the earliest days of the Classification, the USS Appomattox.

Not looking the gift horse in the mouth, Ragka eagerly took command of the vessel, a crew was assembled, and her transfer to the True Way front was fully completed. The conflict was filled with many horrors for Ragka, who to this day has strong convictions about the virtue and glory of the Cardassian Union at its prime, before the Obsidian Order corrupted it. She saw herself as a revolutionary fighting for a better Cardassia by championing the Federation cause. She hoped Cardassia would follow her example, and the example of peace-loving Cardassians Quadrant-wide. Never did she anticipate having to fight her own kind. To Starfleet, it was the suppression of a terrorist cell. To Ragka, it was a bitter civil war. The battles she fought, and the lives she took, haunt her to this very day. However, when the conflict came to a steady conclusion, she was reached out to by the Legate of the Cardassian Tenth Order. An old, childhood friend of Ragka's, she informed Ragka that her mother was dying. Due to Ragka's efforts against the True Way, the Tenth Order formally pardoned Ragka for her defection, allowing her to return to Cardassia and visit her mother one last time. Ragka lamented that she had failed to bring about a better Cardassia, but when she told her mother of her accomplishments, her mother assured her that she already had. She remained for a week, burying her mother beside the empty grave of her father. Her vigor renewed, and her faith in a unified Cardassion Union restored, she returned to her vessel to continue her career in Starfleet, not giving up hope that one day she would see many Cardassian faces in her Academy lectures.

But the time for retirement is not now. With new threats on the horizon and war seemingly closer and closer by the day, Ragka knows that it has never been more crucial to stand in defence of the Federation's ideals. After all, if her Union is to join the Federation, it must stand strong. Ragka kept her commission of the Appomattox, and following the formal ending of official conflicts against the True Way, Ragka and her ship were transferred to Thirty-Eighth Argo late in 2419.

  • MATERNAL Kooro, Resha. Former merchant (deceased, 2419).
  • PATERNAL Kooro, Zukel. Gul, Cardassian Tenth Order (deceased, 2373).


STATUS: OK for active duty
EVALUATOR: Doctor Balos Kezaar, Starfleet Headquarters

NOTES: Completed in 2415, prerequisite for assignment to USS Appomattox

STATUS: OK for active duty
EVALUATOR: T'Shannes, USS Appomattox

NOTES: Following her mother's death, Captain Kooro experienced expected periods of mourning. A week later, she shows no sign of excessive mourning that may lead to impairment of command abilities.