Lai tr'Letant [Intel for Vaebn]

Stardate 93006.6

TO LT Vaebn
CC -

SUBJ Lai tr'Letant
Level Three: Restricted


I've finished looking into tr'Letant. Most of the info I managed to dig up was open source or the result of very low level data intrusions. The civil database doesn't have the up to date security to protect against Republic intrusion methods. If you need more data I'm going to need permission from higher in the chain of command. Low level digging is risk free, but any higher and the chance of counter detection rises.

Everything I've found points to a rather ordinary dossier. He worked at a logistics facility planetside during his serona, and was hired by the civilian government right after his release from service. As far as I can tell he's worked at the same facility for his entire civilian career. His current job is inspecting inbound and outbound cargo at the main spaceport in Rhynne. Manifests from the spaceport indicate they mainly transport a mix of light industrial and agricultural goods. I'm not sure why anyone would utilize this man as an asset. Military good are sent to the smaller military spaceport. The goods that are shipped through his post are all available on the market for anyone.

The only thing of note was the use of an anonymous comm system. I can't get the messages themselves, if he's even sent any. The site uses heavy encryption. Lai himself connects to the site without any form of subnet masking though. I could get some software onto his computer, his data security is meager at best, but it'll have to be an official request from command. Hope this info helps out. Best of luck.

Sublieutenant Aev
R.R.W. D'Ishae