Lanat reporting for duty

To: CAPT Varley, Lauren (@Lauren)
From: ENS Lanat
Subj: Reporting for duty

Greetings, Captain! I hope this message finds you fat and happy. I am Lanat your station’s new, security officer. They told me to report to you in lieu of the security chief which, is what I am now doing. I couldn’t help, but notice while perusing the roster on my journey here, that the chief position for my department is vacant. You are in luck, because I know many people in the security field, both Starfleet and private contractors. I would be most happy, to recommend some to you if you want. Let me know when you want to meet, to discuss these high quality prospects and the minor, matter of a finder’s fee. I look forward to working for you and, keeping your station safe for all the science and diplomacy and so on, that probably happens here. Also commerce when, it doesn’t get in the way of those other more important, things! Live long and profit,

ENS Lanat
Security Officer,
Deep Space 13