Letter from Admiral Quinn: The Iconian War

Office of Starfleet Command

From the desk of Admiral Quinn

My fellow members of the Alliance and all citizens of the Galaxy,

The Iconian war was short and devastating to all. Our forces of the Alliance; Romulan, Klingon and Federation, fought many hard battles against a relentless enemy and their forces. No one can deny the sacrifices given in the name of preserving our freedoms and cultures across the galaxy.

Yet, it also cannot be denied that the Iconian threat taught us all that what divides us, is less than what unites us. And, it was this uniting effort that brought our forces together above Earth to confront the Iconians final push to eliminate us from the galaxy. But what seemed to be our final hour before the darkness was stopped by a single beacon of light. Although the means by which the Iconians were turned back remains a matter classified for the highest levels of the Alliance, let it be known that the actions of every individual in the Alliance made it happen.

As we go forward into this time of rebuilding I urge all parties to hold tightly to these bonds we have formed, and help rebuild the galaxy into something better than it was before.

Know that although they were stopped, the Iconians are not gone. For this reason, the Alliance has imposed a no-travel restriction on the Iconian system and the surrounding five light-years around it. Any interaction with Iconians or their forces should be handled with extreme care, and reported to Starfleet Command immediately. We trust in our ship and starbase commanders to act with restraint and calm if they ever do encounter such forces.

But waste not your time considering the enemy of the past. Instead, focus your efforts on the positive possibilities of the future of our galaxy. The stars are once again not a potential enemy, but a place to explore and seek out new life and new civilizations. Point your nacelles out, and take your explorers heart to go where we have not gone before.

Admiral Quinn
Starfleet Command
Earth Space Dock