Letter of Reprimand: J. Kermit

To: CAPT Kermit, J. @kermit
CC: @38th.JAG; @38th.Command;
From: VADM Aluk
Subj: Letter of Reprimand

Captain Kermit,

An investigation forwarded to this command by the Director of Stellar Cartography, Starfleet Command, has revealed that you authored and transmitted two hundred and eighty six falsified navigational data submissions over the course of three months, which resulted in the display of an inappropriate depiction on local starcharts. It is extremely fortunate that the cartography department discovered this ruse before transmitting the quarterly navigation update packet to the entire fleet.

In lieu of the proposed 286 counts of making false official statements, this command has instead elected view your actions as a single offense and to charge you with one (1) count of Conduct Unbecoming an Officer of the Federation.

The following disciplinary actions will be taken:

  1. You are to submit a full written apology to the Director of Stellar Cartography and his department.

  2. This notice will be permanently attached to your Starfleet personnel file and made available for review by any future promotions boards, awards committees, or superior officers to whom an understanding of your service record is relevant.

Your actions have jeopardized your standing and reputation within the Federation and potentially the standing and reputation of the Federation within the galactic community. You are strongly advised to consider the implications of your actions, and to understand that further violations may endanger your career in Starfleet.

You have 48 hours to acknowledge receipt and understanding, or to dispute the claims by filing a request for trial by court martial. If you request court martial, limits on the severity of punishment are waived, and if found guilty, you may be subject to severe disciplinary actions such as demotion, discharge from Starfleet service, or incarceration.

Vice Admiral Aluk
Commanding Officer,
38th Fleet ‘Argo’


To: VADM Aluk
From: CAPT Kermit

Subj: RE: Letter of Reprimand

Received and understood, sir. I deeply regret any embarrassment that my actions may have caused you or the fleet. Rear Admiral Caspius will have an apology in hand by end of day.

Captain James Kermit
Commanding, USS Reyga