Make-An-NPC Contest: Stage 2

Outpost Argo's Make-An-NPC Contest
#1: Club Owner Ackbar

Dubbed 'Ackbar' ICly by our beloved Commodore for his resemblance to a certain Sci Fi cephalopod, the joke ran rampant when the fleet voted for the club name of 'Ackbar's Grill and Crab Shack', or 'Ackbar's' for short.

Theories on how Ackbar, if that's even his real name, came to bid for space on Outpost Argo, why his club name is what it is, and what mysterious hold he had on Razor to get instated, have run rampant in the TFA:SFK channel. It's time now to put that creativity to use. With our debut Make-An-NPC contest, which will last over the course of multiple stages, the fleet has a chance to make a conglomeration effort and forge an NPC we all can know and love.

Stage 2
Based on stage one, our beloved Ackbar is Stubborn, Peaceful and Congenial! Makes sense for an entrepreneur, huh?

For the entry portion of the contest, it's quick and easy and following the Duty Officer line: Is he a Bartender, a Cook, a Trader, or something else entirely? Write a paragraph or two on why/how/any interesting rumors/stories/history on it! (I know some of you have already done this portion. You can make a new entry, or I'll carry over the old one.)

As for this round's poll, vote on a name from the following submissions:
One wrote:
Name: Destekial Nafotuainar
Nickname: "Ackbar"

"Ackbar" is a nickname that Parta (a unique ferengi woman) called him when they were first married and it has stuck ever sense. In Destekial's native language, "Ackbar" is the word for gold-pressed latinum. Parta always said that he was the only wealth she ever wished to acquire. And that is how their little inside joke developed into his nickname. Their original bar became popular with many Federation crews on leave at the nearby resort. Eventually they decided to pick up and move to Outpost Argo. Parta thought it would be cute if they named the bar after her nickname for Destekial and the station agreed.
Two wrote:
Name: Salmen "Ackbar" Pintas
Species: Ackbari

Salmen, or as his contemporories say, Don Pintas, comes from a planet in the Beta Quadrant with the peculier distinction of having been voted as having the best cusine by Galactic Delicacy Quarterly five years in a row. Unfortunately Don Pintas was not born with the gift of cooking, rather he has the lesser known gift of being skilled in the art of mixing drinks and chemistry. The Commision on Food and Supplements does not recongnize the profession of Mixing as a fully established profession and therefore is not looked upon as highly as cooking. Many Ackbari mixers usually emigrate from Ackbari Prime once they finish their studies at the Central Academy for Mixing and Chemical Studies.
Three wrote:
Regklan Poul /Redj-klan Paul/

Source of the name "Ackbar" is due to razor picking it for him, thinking it was fitting for some reason known only to Razor. It just happened to stick.

"Hey Ackbar, set me up with a drink."
"*Siiigh* I told you, my name is Reg-"
"That's nice Ackbar, why don't you rustle up a bucket of crablegs for me too while your at it."
Four wrote:
There is no reason that the Star Wars movies wouldn't exists in Star Trek. If he resembles Ackbar, then it's highly likely one of the Human's he's met over he years assigned him that nick-name. Especially if, as Skyler noted above, it's possible to pull said nick-name from his species name.
Five wrote:
Full name: 'Acksilarezahba'r', becomes nickname 'Ackbar'.

According to his species, 'Acksilar' is his family name. 'Zahba'r' is his first name. The 'e' denotation means 'not daughter of!' It's a matriarchal society.