Making Right

The USS Atlas dropped out of warp, right on top of the chaotic scene. From his position on the observation deck, Dae could see everything splayed in front of them. four civilian cargo ships were sitting in orbit above a desert planet with five Bajoran frigates stationed around them in a picket formation. One of the civilian freighters was trailing green plasma from its engines.

Dae quickly walked back to the bridge, where his officers manned their stations. Before anyone spoke the comm pinged and the picture of a Bajoran female, wearing the uniform of Lord Tarhim's security forces appeared on the screen. "USS Atlas, this Garseen Hannah, Commander of the SS Farsee, we have captured the four frigates, however, a small contingent of shuttles escaped to the planet below. Lord Tarhiim is currently planet-side tracking them down."

Dae nodded. "Farsee, can you transmit to me the location of Lord Tarhim on the planet?"

"I can," she replied and then looked down for a moment, typing at a console.

When she looked up, Dae glanced at his tactical officer who nodded that he had received the coordinates. Dae turned back towards the view screen. "Thank you. Now lower your shields and prepare to receive a compliment of Starfleet officers on each vessel to escort you back to Bajor."

Confusion quickly ran across her face. "Uhmmmm... Atlas, I don't think Lord Tarhim would - -"

Dae cut her off. "I'm not in the mood for discussions, Commander. Bajoran and Federation authorities are aware of what Lord Tarhim has been up to. Should you cooperate in their investigation, it's possible that you may find leniency in the Bajoran courts. But, if you would rather settle this here and now, I assure you that after the Atlas cripples your frigates, we will allow each ship's crew to get to their escape pods in time, before we destroy them. Then we will recover your escape pods and pick this up right where we are now, with four fewer frigates in orbit."

Garseen almost gasped. Dae didn't let her counter. "I am short on time here, please make your decision quickly."

She held perfectly still for a moment, almost as if the screen had frozen, then she nodded. "Understood, Atlas."

Dae didn't respond, but stepped quickly off to the side, and towards the turbolift, talking as he went. "Lt Commander Hadrian, handle this, and send a squad of troopers to transporter room two with assault rifles. We'll be beaming down, immediately."

As he stepped into the transporter, He could hear the rustle of the bridge officers as they started to go work.

A few moments later, Commander Dae materialized on the planet with his squad of troops, armor-clad and ready for action. The desert planet has few features, mostly blowing sand and jagged rocks, sticking out at odd angles. The sun was just barely above the far horizon and the sky was already taking an orange glow.

About fifty meters in front of them Dae could see a handful of Tarhim's security officers crowding a group of Cardassians and Bajorans civilians together. the civilians all had their hands raised, a few were crying.

Lord Tarhim stood just on this side of his security perimeter, talking to one of his Lieutenant.

Dae motioned forward, and his security force started encircling Tarhim's forces as Dae walked directly towards him.

The Lieutenant looked first, and Tarhim quickly turned around as Dae approached within a few meters. Tarhim's words were sharp. "You fool! What have you done?!?!"

Dae stopped a meter away. "This is over. It's time that you return to Bajor and answer for all of this."

Lord Tarhim's expression was pure rage. "You idiot! I was -THIS- close! I should have let you die on the Sutherland."

The tension held in the air for a long moment. Tarhim squared up to Dae, the Lieutenant just to his left, with a concerned look on his face.

Tarhim made his decision. In a flash he reached for the small phaser on his Lieutenant's hip. He pulled it free and brought it up towards Dae, pulling the trigger as he did. the first bolt went wide, and the second impacted Dae's hand as he grasped at the weapon. The own armor that Tarhim had build, would deny him his revenge.

Dae relieved him of the weapon with his right hand shoved the smaller man with his left. Tarhim fell back to the ground with a thud. Holding the phaser in his hand, Dae stepped forward again, until he was nearly standing over the top of Tarhim.

Tarhim's rage had instantly been replaced with fear. A week ago Dae would would have shot him. Or crushed him under his boot. But in this moment, he heard the faintest whisper again "...Dae..."

It was just loud enough for him to make out the light feminine voice, and he instantly recognized it. A small smile crossed his face, one of sadness for loss and happiness for time spent together.

Dae turned to the Lieutenant, still standing to the side. "Take your men back to your ships. The authorities are sorting this out in orbit, as we speak."

The Lieutenant nodded and Tarhim's security forces dispersed before beaming off the planet.

Dae looked to his own armored soldiers, gathered in the area as he pointed at Tarhim, still laying on the ground. "Take him back to the Atlas. Ensure he is transferred to another Federation ship as soon as possible."

As the security officers complied with the command, Dae walked towards the huddled civilians in the middle of the circle. It was time to inform them of the new safety for their group. To tell him of the mistakes Dae had made, and to ask for their forgiveness.
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