MAR 11: Perdition

Thanks to the hard work of DS-13's Intelligence Department, a lead has been found on a possible location for The Sons of Paxton, the xenophobic criminal group responsible for taking over 3000 Zantaari people into forced bondage. The Dragus system is the home to a nest of Anti-Federation sentiment and criminal activity known as Perdition. Captain Freeman will be holding a briefing to lay out the plan to investigate Pedition, and if possible, free and recover the enslaved Zantaari.


When: Saturday, March 11th @ beta

Where: DS13/Drozana/Bridge Map

What: DOOM™

OOC Point of Contact: @EledriPrime

This is open to everyone, but is meant for the Starbase Personnel to continue the Zantaari Refugee arc. More information will be given at the briefing.
((Now with actual information!))

I would like to attend, I will try to make this.

Pre-Vacation Event Time GOOOOOO

(can't wait)

I'll be here and I'll try to knock the AAR out the same night, but if I can't, someone else'll have to do it :p
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I'll be out of town and busy that day unfortunately. So Alina won't be there to save the puppies I guess. Enjoy and get stories to tell her!
OOC: It would be very much a time saving move to prepare a Civilian/Merc style outfit for this event. Just saying.
Sign me up please!
Yea, sign me up
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If there's a slot, I'd love to join in!
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Should be able to make it :d
Running behind today, unlikely to be available in time :(