Mark IV Forward Outposts

Official Memorandum

Mark IV Forward Outposts

CDR Nathes

((note: Pertinent to upcoming missions))

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide background for upcoming operations within the region.

The collapse of the Ancient Regime (The Romulan Star Empire, per UFP databanks) following the Romulan Republic’s recognition presented a number of difficulties for the burgeoning Romulan Republican Forces. Chiefly, though, the surviving vestiges of the Ancient Regime made a point to destroy critical sensor infrastructure. This meant that for the early months, the Republic effectively had to rely on RRF patrols to maintain sensor information within the region. And even then, this information was not up-to-date.

To combat this, the Continuing Committee of the Romulan Senate otherized the construction of ‘forward outposts’ throughout Republic space. The outposts, typically located within sizable asteroids, typically follow the following parameters:

Well armed, but lightly staffed, the outposts proved to provide value sensor information for Republic Space. As time went on, the UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS took an active interest in the project. Per treaty parameters, many of these facilities were constructed in the Federation, under the stipulation they would still be manned by RRF Personnel.

It should be noted that these facilities are well armed and are defended by five guard marines. Additionally, they operate via a compact singularity core: For them to lose power and contact with the outside world would either involve their destruction, or involve the singularity drives being deactived (a complicated process that requires skilled engineers).

There are three of these facilities within the region, designated M4-564, M4-565, and M4-566. They are located at specific points. Together, they triangulate the positions of vessels within the region. Upcoming operations will involve RR and UFP personnel exploring these facilities and learning of their fate.