May 1st: Music Appreciation Night

It’s the revival of a classic, with new flavors!

Argo it’s no stranger to music festivals but it’s been a while and we’ve been through a lot since the last so how about you dust off any unused skills or instruments and show everyone what you got? All genres and styles allowed.

Not a musician or singer? Totally fine, but you probably like music, and half the fun is sharing it for those you prefer to enjoy, so come by and enjoy the talents of your peers. Plus, there’s food and drinks!

Feel free to submit requests or holo links to performances you might want to see too, chances are we got someone on base who can manage them as well. If not, we can all enjoy a holographic play while the other performers relax.

No stress, no pressure, all enjoyment.

Shift Time: Beta + 2

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Social

Starting Point: Event Horizon Lounge near Azuzu’s stage.

(OOC notes) OOC and IC point of contacts are @Master_Dex (Alina) and @Valore.

Pretty much as stated. I want to emphasize even if you don’t play a character that does musical things they can be there to enjoy and participate via social RP about what’s going on or suggesting things you like of characters doing stuff.

More importantly if anyone who’s already shown an interest has an issue with the day and time, it anyone else for that matter that’s interested, please let me or Valore know instead of just shrugging it off, cause we’re actually pretty flexible.


This is today.

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