Medical Report - CMDR Ellia Corrano

Medical Report

Reporting Officer - Ensign Packee
Patient - CMDR Ellia Corrano
Primary Medical Facilitator - CMDR Soa 'Lindresko
Stardate: 89952.3 (14DEC13)

I was called to the medical facility to assist with a patient who was struggling from unknown mental trauma. My telepathic abilities were used to interact with the individual on a psychological level in order to determine her mental condition.

I was able to interact with the patient's conscious self, within her mind. It appears that she is suffering from trauma induced by a weapon from an unknown enemy. She referenced a "dreadnaught", "new mech" and "new ground weapons". She indicated that Captain Thomson, Captain Morton, and two individuals who I am unfamiliar with and who I could not find on the Task Force Personnel Roster "Da'nia" and " S'Tarian" where mentioned as well.

Doctor Soa 'Lindresko then administered medication to endure a comma in the patient. It is my recommendation that the above Captains be consulted in order to determine future possibilities for this patient's treatment.