Medical Report: Gabriella Valencia Poisoning

Stardate 95586.6
CMDR O. Lamb


DIAGNOSIS: Posioning

TREATMENT: Posion identified, dialaysis courses computed to remove toxins, Phytoin IV to manage the spastic dystonia, neurochemicals to bind and isolate the alkaloids.

Commander Oswald Lamb (NPC)
Lieutenant Commander Azuri Biaan (NPC)
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Cyrene Mavil

NOTES:First Lieutenant Valencia was brought onto the USS Endeavour from a Risian Hospital following a suspected poisoning. She arrived in a stable but serious condition, on life support. The poison was unknown. It affected the neurotransmitters in her brain, preventing chemical signals from her brain reaching her muscles and organs.

Her symptoms included spastic dystonia, irregular heartbeat, no respiration, as well as elevated potassium, glycemic levels, and white blood cell count. After ruling out biological toxins, we came to the conclusion that the poison was alkaline. This led to the poison being identified as Tyralaphine, an illegal substance that can cause death in large doses. However, it is known that Tyralaphine is often used in illegal highs to make them more potent. Tests on the patient's drink indicated that this substance was mixed into the drink, and thus the patient ingested it orally.

Spoiler: TyralaphineShow

RECOMMENDATION: The patient is now recovering due to the correct treatments. Fortunately, we acted quick enough to prevent any permanent damage. Commendation must be given to Dr Mavil, who has shown excellent devotion to the patient, from responding during the patient's initial collapse on the planet to her actions in identifying the toxin. Dr Mavil's actions have certainly saved the patient's life.